In-App Mobile Advertising Spending To Triple By 2015, Reach $7.1 Billion

In-app advertising is expected to triple by 2015, reaching $7.1 billion. If that level is reached it would be a tremendous jump over an estimated $2.4 billion in 2012 according to a report by Juniper Research.

Mobile ads have begun to increase thanks to rich media ads and an increase in mobile app usage which have created better click-through rates and a more engaging overall experience. To compete in the growing mobile app market Juniper says businesses should look at “adding a map of nearby stores to an ad or even a button which dials a sales line so the user can discuss their needs.”

Essentially “interactive” features are likely the future of mobile ads as users demand more from their in-app purchases and by proxy their in-app advertisements.

The Juniper Research report claims that 60 percent of all mobile advertising will come out of North America and Western Europe in 2017, an expected share of the market give the mobile dominance those countries offer. The study also believe that mobile messaging ad spending will increase by 8-fold.

According to report author Charlotte Miller it won’t just be about putting up ads but how advertisers utilized those ads that will make them successful. According to Miller:

“Creating immersive and entertaining experiences to attract the attention of the consumer is essential for marketers wanting to take advantage of the massive increase in app usage.”

Do you think mobile ads can compete with online offerings if they become more interactive for users while allowing new features to be added?