Harvard-Trained Professor Of Medicine Summons Martian Alien UFOs To Land In Bangkok, Thailand [Video]

A Harvard-trained medical scientist from Thailand, Prof. Dr. Theppanom Muangman, claims to have summoned alien Martians to Bangkok. Theppanom’s claim has sparked interest among UFO enthusiasts who say that NASA cannot afford to ignore a claim by a Harvard-trained professor of medicine that Martians have landed on Earth.

Theppanom, 80, who holds an MD and a PhD from Harvard, is a former dean of the Faculty of Public Health at Mahidol University in Thailand, and currently director of the Mind Research Association, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

He is well-known in Thailand as a leading alien and UFO researcher. He claims he is able to contact aliens through meditation. He says he also receives phone calls from Martians and is able to summon Martian UFOs at will.

Theppanom, who claims that NASA has consulted him in the past about extraterrestrial species, promotes himself as an expert in alien Martian species.

Recently, he held a seminar in Bangkok during which he summoned Martian UFOs to land outside the seminar hall following a phone conversation with the aliens through a Thai “alien medium.”

The aliens predicted doom for humanity.

The video, which went viral in Thailand this week, shows Prof. Dr. Theppanom (also spelled “Debhanom”) Muangman having a phone chat with the Martian extraterrestrials during the seminar held last December. It purportedly shows the professor communicating with the alien Martians through a female “alien medium” who claims she is able to speak the Martian language.

The alleged extraterrestrial phone call session was conducted to convince skeptics that the professor was able to summon alien Martians.

Theppanom asks an alien Martian to prove his presence by speaking with the seminar audience in the Martian language.

He then turns the phone speaker to the audience.

“I’ll let whoever doesn’t believe it speak with you. Sir, please talk in Martian language,” Theppanom says in the video.

The female medium, who allegedly speaks both Martian and Thai languages, then translates the Martian’s speech, saying, “Only the superb among all men can sense aliens… Not for long, humanity will face grave catastrophe. It is unavoidable.”

“In the future, there will not be many humans left. Only those with pure minds can live,” she adds.

Professor Theppanom asks the Martians through the medium when the predicted catastrophe would happen. The medium explains that the catastrophe would occur over time as mankind dies off gradually.

The Martians also predict that Thailand will go through political and economic upheavals.

Theppanom then asks the Martians to land their UFOs outside the seminar room. The Martians agree, and the audience flocks to the windows to witness the spectacle of extraterrestrial UFOs landing.

Martians have landed
Have Martians landed in Bangkok, Thailand? [Photo By Patrick T. Fallon/AP Photo]

But we learn that the landing was “invisible” and that only “the superb of all men can sense” the presence of the aliens. And of course, several of “the most superb of all men” in the audience claim they are able to “sense” the presence of the alien UFOs landing outside the seminar hall.

Prof. Dr. Theppanom Muangman is a well-known paranormal UFOlogist in Thailand. He attracted national attention in 1994 after he announced he had photographed an alien UFO in the Kanchanaburi province of the country.

Alien and UFO paranormal movements are surging in Thailand and attracting professionals, students as well as blue-collar workers. The beliefs are often served as an eclectic mix of UFO paranormal and traditional religious beliefs of Buddhism.

Theppanom was featured in a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article in 2011.

Commenting on the recent upsurge in interest in UFO phenomena in Thailand, he told WSJ, “It’s not surprising, really. Aliens have been coming to Asia for decades, but now they sense a change.”

Theppanom, who has been described as the Steven Greer of Thailand, is one of the most prominent leaders of the UFO movement in that country. His first UFO experience occurred in New Hampshire in the 1950s when he was a medical student.

After he returned to Thailand, he made his first direct contact with aliens in 1996. The aliens called him on the phone.

“They said they were from Mars and spoke a strange version of Thai. They also said not to worry about the phone bill,” he recalled.

Since the first contact he has been in constant touch with aliens who are also able to communicate telepathically, giving predictions and warnings of natural disasters, political upheavals and economic crisis.

He soon acquired a large following in Thailand as the leader of a spiritual movement called the Kao Kala.

Kao Kala is the name of a hill the group claims is a UFO hotspot with an inter-dimension portal.

Kao Kala quickly became a UFO enthusiasts’ Mecca in Thailand.

According to a devotee, “Aliens have been coming here to Kao Kala for at least 10 years. When we meditate we can understand what they’re trying to tell us—we feel it through our bodies and we understand.”

[Photo By/Justin Norton/AP]