Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Cara Delevingne — World’s Sexiest Love Triangle? Kendall Jenner Lesbian Rumors Persist

Supermodel Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles of One Direction dropped jaws worldwide when they put on a steamy display on a yacht in the Caribbean over New Years, as reported by Daily Mail. The photogenic pair got up to various flirty and playful shenanigans, including a moment when Harry pulled on Kendall’s long legs as she tried to climb a ladder, the afternoon they spent snuggling on a deck-chair with their heads together, the day Kendall grabbed Harry’s camera and gave the paparazzi a taste of their own medicine by snapping them right back, and a delightful moment when the seemingly foot-and-leg-obsessed Harry grabbed Kendall’s ankles and pulled her feet up into the air, as if he wanted to examine the Victoria’s Secret model’s toned inner thigh area at close range.

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner first dated in 2013, around the time Harry Styles also dated Kendall’s BFF Cara Delevingne, as reported by CelebsNow.

Model-loving Harry got some laughs in 2013 when he attended a London fashion show and was asked to comment on his rumored love interest Cara.

“She’s good at walking…I guess,” Harry deadpanned to reporters, watching Cara as she strutted down the runway.

Harry Styles certainly seemed to have a type back in ’13 — CelebsNow has published a report about the striking similarities between Cara and Kendall. A photo grid shows that the models have the same strong brows, fierce eyes, pale skin and seductive pouts.

Cara has even reportedly been accepted as an honorary Kardashian — the sisters have given her the mandatory K-name, dubbing her “Kara.”

Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner have a lot in common – they’re two of the most in demand models in the world right now, both leggy and gorgeous, and both have reportedly dated Harry Styles.

There is another twist — reports have suggested that Kendall may be secretly infatuated with Cara.

Soon after Harry and Kendall were spotted making out this year, The Mirror published a report suggesting that Kendall may in fact be a lesbian.

“Kendall is a lesbian. She’s only just started talking about it with her inner circle.”

Gorgeous Kendall has long been at the center of lesbian rumors, and insiders are now insisting that the stunning model has outed herself to her inner circle.

“Delevingne has been playing ‘a critical role’ in helping Jenner realize her ‘blossomed’ feelings for women, including her friendships with Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, saying, ‘She reassured Kendall that the stigma of being gay is gone and encouraged her to allow herself the freedom to be who she really is.'”

I had such a wonderful day with Mona Lisa, i will never forgot those eyes...

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Intriguingly, it was reportedly Cara Delevingne who encouraged Kendall to get back with Harry this year, insisting that the two were perfect for each other, as reported by Sugarscape.

[I]t was Cara who played Cupid and managed to get Harreh and Kendall back together after their brief little fling in 2013, ‘cos she just thinks they’re ‘adorable together’…

It makes sense that the striking blonde would want to do this — she would get to see Kendall happy, and probably hang out with former flame Harry Styles, with whom she obviously feels some connection.

Kendall is captivated by Cara.

Cara is currently in a relationship with 32-year-old lover St.Vincent. Beautiful Cara is known for her striking blue eyes, which she often offsets with orange or reddish toned eyeshadow, and for her fierce brows. The model has a firm, pouty mouth, and the set of her eyebrows gives her a perpetually hostile look that adds to her unique beauty.

The model’s fashion statements are as strong as her famous eyebrows – Cara was once photographed wearing a slogan t-shirt that read, “”I’d call you a c***, but you don’t have the depth or the warmth.” That was reported by Celebuzz.

Cara and lover St. Vincent have attended Kendall’s catwalk shows together, looking loved-up as they held hands in the audience, as reported by Just Jared. Cara, Kendall, and St. Vincent cut a striking all-girl figure as they emerged from the venue holding hands.

“Lucky Lady Cara Delevingne Holds Hands With Her GF And BFF In Paris,” declared a PopSugar headline.

Could the edgy blonde stunner have encouraged Kendall to find love with Harry so she could ease her infatuated best friend’s pain and finally see Kendall happy?

Not everyone believes the beautiful Kendall is gay — Hollywood Life reports that the stunning brunette is fully into Harry Styles, and the two are keeping their long-distance romance alive through regular Skype and text communication.

Could Kendall be bisexual? Gender-bending Harry has previously expressed his support for gay rights, and the sexually-adventurous crooner reportedly leapt into bed for some threesomes during the One Direction Up All Night tour. Will the sexual tensions escalate into a romp between the three mutually-attracted lovers?

Unlikely, as long as Cara remains in a relationship with curly-haired St. Vincent — although given Harry’s penchant for “older women,” some say a “love square” would be a better phrase to describe the state of affairs.

The intriguing friendship between the models shows no signs of dying down — Sugarscape has just reported that Cara and Kendall are planning to start their own fashion line together.

Are Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles dating? Is Kendall also into BFF Cara Delevingne?

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