CM Punk Bashes Critical UFC Fans, Calls Them 'Butt Hurt'

Aaron Sass

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk is certainly no stranger to controversy, and at this point, Punk is probably the most controversial and polarizing figure in mixed martial arts. The strange thing is, he hasn't even made his UFC debut yet.

CM Punk has been preparing for his UFC debut for a little over a year now, and odds are that he'll end up fighting at some point this year, presumably at the big UFC 200 event scheduled to take place this coming July in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If the UFC does indeed hold CM Punk's debut off until July, then the former WWE superstar will end up fighting in digital form before he fights in real life, as he is going to be one of the many playable fighters in the EA Sports UFC 2 video game, which will be released on March 15.

CM Punk being involved in the new UFC video game raised some questions, such as, exactly how good would he be in the game? Because, as previously mentioned, CM Punk hasn't fought, so EA Sports doesn't exactly have much to work with when they're considering what rating to give the ex-WWE star in the game.

On Monday, Mike Bohn, who works with USA Today, tweeted out an image of CM Punk in the new UFC video game and said that he had played a bit of the game, and that when he played, CM Punk was an 85 overall.

The news that CM Punk was an 85 overall in the new UFC video game outraged a group of fans, as 100 is the highest possible overall rating in a sports game, so 85 is a great rating, especially for someone who has never officially competed in MMA.

Punk responded to Bohn's tweet by saying that he hopes that his rating in the game "makes dummies furious," which, of course, angered Punk's critics even more. As you'd expect, Punk addressed those people.

"Not since Samus Aran was revealed to be a woman have dummies been this butt hurt about a video game."

For those of you who don't know, Samus Aran is the main character in the Metroid series, and at the end of the very first Metroid game in 1986, it was revealed that Samus, who had been covered up in an armored suit for the entire game, was a woman. At the time, a game with a woman protagonist was completely unheard of.

After news broke of CM Punk's overall rating, Nathan Grayson of Kotaku said that he had reached out to EA, and that they told him that Punk's stats have yet to be finalized. His overall rating in the version that Mike Bohn played probably won't be his final rating.

"I reached out to EA, and a rep told me that CM Punk's stats have not necessarily been finalized yet. We'll see if they change in the next couple months."

While it's still unclear when CM Punk will debut, it looks like the UFC has found his first opponent, and that man's name is Mickey Gall, who has a professional record of 1-0. Record-wise, Gall has just a little bit more pro MMA experience than CM Punk.

Gall is 23-years-old, and his sole victory was over Ron Templeton via rear-naked choke in the very first round. He was introduced to the public by UFC president Dana White on the Dana White Looking for a Fight show on UFC Fight Pass, which is a show where the UFC president is looking for new talent to sign.

When asked about possibly fighting CM Punk, Gall said that he's confident that he'll finish Punk either via knockout or submission.

[Photo by Brandon Magnus/Getty Images]