KTLA Reporter Mary Beth McDade Gets Attacked During Live Television, Screams As Camera Pans Out [Video]

A Los Angeles reporter had quite the scare while covering David Bowie’s death while standing in front of his star on the Walk of Fame. KTLA reporter Mary Beth McDade was giving a live report when a man in a grey hoodie approached her from behind and rushed her. The camera quickly pans towards the news van as the reporter lets out a scream.

The Daily Mail reports that Los Angeles reporter Mary Beth McDade was rushed by a man in a grey hoodie during a live news broadcast. The female reporter was standing in front of David Bowie’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when the attack occurred. As McDade reported on the death of David Bowie, a group of people could be seen standing behind her at Bowie’s star. However, as she gives her report and says “Rick and Cher, you know, he was known for breaking down barriers, and…..”, a man in a grey hoodie quickly rushes her from behind. The camera quickly pans away as McDade can be heard letting out a loud scream in the background.

As the camera pans back towards McDade, an image of the man fleeing can be seen. Following the scary incident, Mary Beth McDade told authorities that when the man in the hoodie approached her he was making lewd and sexual remarks as he brushed against her body. Fortunately for the reporter, police were nearby and quickly responded to the scene.

Mary Beth took to her Instagram to inform her followers that she was okay and that LAPD was looking for the guy that made the lewd remarks and rushed her during the interview.

“Hi!! Thank you all for your concern!! :) I am alright! And thank u #lapd for taking a report & trying to catch the guy.”

Though the incident was frightening and left many viewers asking what happened to Mary Beth, the LAPD claim that the incident is not being investigated as an “attack” because no one was injured. Instead, the officers are reportedly investigating the incident as a “disturbing of the peace.” However, not everyone agrees with the LAPD assessment.

Officer Mike Lopez does acknowledge Mary Beth’s claims that the man made sexual comments towards her as he brushed his body against hers; however, he did not indicate that any sexual harassment charges would be filed in the case if the suspect is found.

Mary Beth McDade Attack
The Los Angeles reporter Mary Beth McDade was rushed by a man live on air. The man's face was captured in this screenshot of the "attack." (Image via KTLA screenshot)

Though Mary Beth claims she is fine, many of her viewers want the man that “attacked her” to be brought to justice. Some have taken to social media to screenshot and blow up images of the man in the grey hoodie in a bid for someone to identify the man.

Despite the incident, McDade seems in good spirits and continued her reporting. In fact, shortly after the incident she posted a screenshot of an upcoming interview.

If the man in the grey hoodie did make sexually explicit statements towards the Los Angeles reporter as he brushed against her, should sexual harassment charges be filed in the case that was captured on live television? What do you think of Mary Beth McDade’s response to the scary incident?

[Image via KTUL screenshot/Twitter]