Han Solo Spinoff Shortlist Rumors Make The Rounds; Should Disney Follow The Road Not Taken?

While nothing has officially been released from Disney regarding the Han Solo spinoff film's casting, there are rumors that continue to swirl regarding who might take on the iconic role. None have exactly garnered great acclaim from the fans, and A.V. Club reports that there are several candidates that were apparently seen by Disney out of a pool of about 2,500.

Han Solo Spinoff Shortlist Rumors Make The Rounds; Should Disney Follow The Road Not Taken?
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Emery Cohen, Scott Eastwood, Miles Teller, and Logan Lerman have all been names that apparently bandied about when it comes to casting the lead role for the Han Solo spinoff, but none have been particularly well received by fans. According to Gizmodo, there is only a month left for Star Wars: Rogue One to finish its filming, and there seem to be hopes to introduce a young Han Solo via a cameo that would be unrelated to the storyline for Rogue One. That would then set up whomever is cast in the role as a young Han Solo to carry the Han Solo spinoff.

The Toronto Sun reports that some fans have been so disenchanted with the thought of a Han Solo spinoff -- in part because of the choice of actors that are apparently a part of the rumored shortlist -- that they are hopeful such a film would be cancelled. However, writer Steve Tilley says that since Disney will be making Star Wars movies until the end of time, the possibilities that could be presented by a Han Solo spinoff film are indeed intriguing.

While the Han Solo spinoff is not set to hit theaters until May 25, 2018, the speculation about who might slip into the boots of the galaxy's most noteworthy scoundrel is setting the fans buzzing.

In fact, Time suggests that perhaps Disney would be better off taking on a relative unknown in the part of a 20-something Solo for the Han Solo spinoff. While names like Ansel Elgort and Scott Eastwood have apparently hit the shortlist, there are some suspicions that these actors might have a face that is a little too well-known, and that could result in the fans not necessarily accepting whomever is placed in the role.

Han Solo Spinoff Shortlist Rumors Make The Rounds; Should Disney Follow The Road Not Taken?
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Time suggests that perhaps following the lead of the casting for Star Wars: The Force Awakens would work well with the casting of the Han Solo spinoff.

"Daisy Ridley was a total unknown, and John Boyega's only starring part had been in an excellent but little-seen British alien flick called Attack the Block that you should go stream right now," said writer Eliana Dockterman. "They could completely inhabit their roles without seeming like known quantities."

Perhaps that is what is known for the Han Solo spinoff: an unknown actor, near the level of Daisy Ridley or of John Boyega in terms of their relative anonymity pre-Star Wars, to take on the role of the Star Wars universe's best-known smuggler.

The script for the young Han Solo spinoff is being written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan and will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Given Lawrence Kasdan was involved in the writing of both Empire Strkes Back back in 1980 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- currently on track to become the Western world's top box office draw of all time -- his contribution alone will likely prove profitable for the Han Solo spinoff, given how highly lauded both Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: The Force Awakens are.

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