Oregon Standoff: Group Of Occupiers Sent ‘Bag Of D*cks’ In Lieu Of Supplies [Video]

The Oregon standoff perpetrators recently put out a request for an array of supplies. The controversial militiamen, who call themselves “patriots” while their opponents call them “domestic terrorists” or worse, asked their supporters to send them everything from tampons (they’ve reportedly surrounded themselves with women and children) to bedding, coffee to snacks, three specific kinds of cigarettes to chewing tobacco, and virtually everything in between.

Militia Supplies
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While it seems like the collective militia groups currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon, are getting some of their requested supplies sent by supporters, supporters aren’t the only ones taking the time to sending care packages. UPROXX reports that the Oregon standoff group, led by the now-notorious Ammon Bundy, is getting some “hate mail,” and they’re none too pleased about it.

Former U.S. Marine Jon Ritzheimer, Oregon standoff participant and self-proclaimed “patriot,” is especially outraged at some of the care packages that have been sent to the Oregon standoff group holed up in the unprotected, unlocked wildlife refuge since January 2. Ritzheimer is recognizable to many due to a recent YouTube rant in which he said goodbye to his family; he even spawned a Twitter hastag (#DaddySworeAnOath), which in turn spawned countless memes. Today, the Oregon standoff member took his message to YouTube yet again. This time, he shared a video that starts out lighthearted but ultimately descends well into the territory of scary anger.

There’s no conceivable way Ritzheimer could expect folks who don’t support the Oregon standoff or his cause to send tampons and snacks, so why is he getting so irate? It seems to have to do with what those unsympathetic to the Oregon standoff militiamen’s ideology chose to send instead. Namely, faux penises, quite a few of them, in an array of colors and sizes, some even possibly edible — edible and in a bag.

In the video, YouTube-happy Ritzheimer complains about the “hate-mail” the Oregon standoff group has received. There are about a dozen shipping boxes, possibly more, open and in disarray on a table or counter. The video goes on to show Ritzheimer rifling through the boxes, most of which contain novelty penises, and at least one that contains what the Oregon standoff member refers to as “a bag of d*cks.” There has been speculation on social media that the “bag of d*icks” referenced by the “harassed” Oregon standoff “patriot” may indeed be candy.

Message for Oregon militia
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Riztheimer’s YouTube video is little more than a rant against people who would rather “waste their money on hate” (the Oregon standoff militiaman even lists the prices of some of the items he’s complaining about, reading from the included invoices) than support “patriots.” In the end, he violently and angrily sweeps the offending gifts off of the table and voices a call to action to “fellow patriots” to join his cause, reports If You Only News.

“For the rest of you patriots who are still out there that are still twiddling your thumbs, debating whether or not you should come out – well, now’s the time.”

Oregon standoff mouthpiece Jon Ritzheimer appears to be legitimately offended by what he repeatedly refers to as “hate mail,” sent by people who don’t share his political beliefs and certainly don’t support the armed standoff on United States federal property. However, Ritzheimer first rose to notoriety himself well before the Oregon standoff, by spreading his own special flavor of hate. Al Jazeera reported in early December, 2015, that Oregon occupier Ritzheimer has devoted himself to anti-Islamic rhetoric and activities following his two tours of duty in Iraq.

Before his current stint making YouTube videos for the Oregon standoff, Ritzheimer was the organizer of a “heavily armed” protest against a Phoenix mosque, created a website devoted to the sale of anti-Islamic items, has repeatedly posted threatening videos to Facebook in which he disparages Islam (in some of which, he can be seen brandishing firearms), and has been reported to the FBI multiple times.

Ultimately, Ritzheimer posted a video that crossed the line in late November, 2015, in which he can be seen cocking a pistol and threatening to travel to New York to confront a Muslim media group for calling him a terrorist. That video reportedly did land the Oregon standoff participant on the FBI’s radar, and he didn’t like being called out for his hate.

“I am a law abiding citizen and it’s unbelievable what I had to go through.”

People who send satirical “bags of d*cks” are sending “hate mail,” but a guy who posts profanity-infused Facebook videos while holding a cocked gun and promising to visit his critics is just a “law abiding citizen”? Hmm.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of perspective.

With the Oregon standoff now on its tenth day and having no end in sight, it’s highly possible that Oregon standoff members may be opening even more packages containing peaceful protests rather than supplies. Hopefully, the rest of the “patriots” occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are able to maintain their senses of humor and control their tempers better than Jon Ritzheimer. They are heavily armed, after all. It would be a real shame if the Oregon standoff were to end due to infighting over a donated “bag of d*cks.”

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