Katy Perry, Selena Gomez Party At Golden Globes: How Does Taylor Swift Feel?

Chanel Adams

Katy Perry and Selena Gomez were seen mingling with each other at the Golden Globes after party. Now, fans are wondering how their beloved Taylor Swift is holding up, as they support their pop princess on social media.

Katy Perry, 31, and Selena Gomez, 23, were spotted together for the first time in years. The pop stars were hanging out together at the Golden Globes after party on Sunday night, January 10. As everyone knows, Perry is Taylor Swift's, 26, archenemy, and the subject of her hit song and video, "Bad Blood."

Gomez and Perry were both spotted having a conversation with actor Brad Pitt, which may or may not have something to do with the three stars working on a new project together. Gomez and Pitt previously starred on The Big Short together. Rumors are swirling that the actor was so blown away by Gomez's performance that he wants her to star in the Ocean's Eleven remake and turn her in the next "It" girl in Hollywood.

Then, Jennifer Aniston's friend, Derek Blasberg, shared a photo of the three stars on his Instagram, along with the caption: "Last night was the Pitts." Fans remarked on how Gomez betrayed Swift's trust and friendship.

"That's false, I love Katy. I just talked to her. She's amazing. But I didn't talk about that, but I just talked to her. She's awesome."

There have also been rumors swirling that Katy Perry has been Selena Gomez's mentor for her own pop career. Prior to releasing her latest album, Revival, Gomez hired Perry's manager after firing her own parents. An inside source to the Hollywood Life revealed that Perry has even become Gomez's mentor.

"Katy has been helping Selena, she's doing everything she can to help her right now as far as being a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to that will understand. She's like a big sister to her, a nonjudgemental big sister. Katy doesn't push her opinions on Selena, but whenever Selena needs her, she is there for her."
"Katy has a lot of life experience as far as fame and relationships and dealing with players. Compared to Russell Brand or John Mayer, Justin is still a kid. Those guys are real womanizers so Katy knows exactly what Selena is dealing with."

[Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]