Mitt Romney and Republicans Raise More Than $100 Million In June

Mitt Romney, the Romney Victory Fund and the Republican National Committee shattered their previous month’s fundraising record in June by putting together a war chest of more than $100 million dollars, according to Mike Allen of Politico, who tweeted:

siren: @MittRomney campaign obliterates fundraising goals, raises over $100m in JUNE, best month so far (record: Obama raised $150m in 9/08)

The Candidates are pressing their fundraising in response to various mega issues that have come out over the last few month, most of them extremely polarizing.

For example the day after President Obama came out with his support for gay marriage he raised $15 million dollars the next night at a fundraiser put on by George Clooney. But for all those on the side of marriage equality there are a few more on the other side. Mitt Romney turned Obama’s support for Gay Marriage into a $76.5 million dollar month and set the Republican National Committee on a fundraising free for all.

The latest galvanizing issue that is going to play out on the fundraising circuit is the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare). While the President may be able to breathe a little bit with the Supreme Court upholding almost all of the law, they did so by saying that Obama’s argument that forcing people to buy health insurance in not constitutional but taxing them for not doing it is ok has presented him with a dilemma. Now he just raised taxes on the Middle Class, an argument that should translate to big dollars for the Romney campaign.

The President has been falling short of his fundraising goals for the last couple of months, but financially he is more than prepared at this point.