Twitter Spat Between Farrah Abraham And Nicki Minaj Continues As Abraham’s Daughter Insults The Pop Star In A Video

You can't go near the world of entertainment news right now without being aware of the ongoing Twitter spat between pop star Nicki Minaj and reality star Farrah Abraham. However, the spat now appears to have picked up some serious pace as Abraham has released a video of her 6-year-old daughter insulting the pop star.

Abraham took to Twitter to share a video of her daughter Sophia, 6, saying "Hi everybody, Nicki Minaj is a total loser." It's definitely a complete step up to see the star bringing her own daughter slap bang into the middle of the argument.

Farrah Abraham is the well-known star of U.S. reality TV show Teen Mom. However, international pop sensation Nicki Minaj is clearly not a fan if their ongoing Twitter spat is anything to go by. In a series of exchanges between the pair, Minaj blasted Abraham as a "c**t". This brought on a complete war between the two stars, with their respective fans picking sides in the war of words. However, many fans are now saying that Farrah Abraham has taken it one step too far by bringing her 6-year-old daughter into what appears to be a pretty petty argument. What's more, Abraham appears to have poured fuel onto the fire by stating that she's "not above making her own kid a pawn." It's a pretty bold move from a pretty shameless woman.

Nicki Minaj is well-known for a number of international pop hits, including the likes of "Anaconda," "Bang Bang," and "Truffle Butter." However, as Abraham was incredibly quick to point out, Minaj's music videos are often far from appropriate, with the star even comparing those such videos to pornography.

Over the past few days, the Twitter spat has grown to become even more high profile, with a number of other stars taking to the social network to react and provide their commentary around the feud. Christine Teigen provided her two cents on the matter with a good dose of humour, saying "nicki minaj VS farrah abraham is not something I knew I so badly wanted before." Whilst other stars, including Amber Portwood, clearly took the side of Nicki Minaj in this argument, stating "Omg now Farrah is feuding with @NICKIMINAJ..wth is going on anymore? Baffled honestly.."

With all of the aforementioned taken into consideration, it comes as no surprise to see that Nicki Minaj appears to be somewhat toning down her public appearances at the moment. For example, during a recent trip to New York, the pop star was photographed to be going incognito, dressed in a pretty conspicuous full black ensemble. With that in mind, we're not too sure if Minaj is enjoying the enhanced media attention that she's received as a result of this very public disagreement with one of the U.S.' biggest reality stars.

In all, there doesn't appear to be any end to this spat in sight between one of the world's biggest pop stars and an equally as big reality star. We've seen previous celebrity spats, especially ones including these two, span on for many months. In fact, it might not be the case that we see an agreement met until the two sit down in a room together. However, considering current tensions, that doesn't look like it will happen any time soon.

Whether you've find yourself on team Minaj or team Abraham, this is set to be one of the defining celebrity wars of 2016. Who will come out victorious? We have no idea.

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]