Mobile Phone Trends In 2016 Create Buzz And Give Consumers A Voice

With five times as many mobile phones as computers, marketers and app creators have a lot at stake because mobile phones now have the ability to generate billions of dollars in revenue. Serving the mobile market in a way that meets the needs of consumers will result in a huge payoff by understanding the latest mobile phone trends and what consumers really want. For phone users, knowing what is available helps them get more from their phones.

The Huffington Post reported that there are eight mobile trends that will help cell phone users get more from their phones. One of the most important trends is the resurgence of the mobile web. Although apps allow consumers to do many things and are gaining traction in the marketplace, mobile web will make a resurgence because retailers and other owners will take into consideration the needs of consumers. Combining mobile apps and the mobile web allows site owners to provide a more engaging experience for consumers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest technology trends that will influence 2016 include the way that businesses will use technology, particularly mobile phones and tablets, to increase productivity. Mobile phones and tablets allow users to work anywhere at any time. Readily available free Wi-Fi makes it possible for employees and businesses to stay connected and get the work done.

Consumers will benefit greatly from the latest mobile phone trends because mobile will become the new TV. Access to television programming because of easy-to-use apps and the launch of 4G allows consumers to stream high-definition video. Mobile phones have become the preferred way to consume video content. Major brands will need to catch up, as the adoption of video for mobile as a medium is low. Most consumers who enjoy video online are accessing sites like Dubsmash, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and others to consume their video content.

A major mobile phone trend that will revolutionize banking for phone users is turning their mobile phones into virtual ATM cards or global bank accounts. This creates mobile wallets for users, allowing them to pay for many different types of purchases, including online shopping, groceries, and food orders, through restaurants that offer delivery.

Slash Gear reported that there will be a major change in the size and resolution of smart phones. Called phablets, these combination mobile phones and tablets were once considered unwieldy and a hassle to carry. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus, and then the subsequent introduction of the iPhone 6s Plus, this has changed. Phones will be reduced to the 5.5-inch to 5.7-inch size because of the influence of Apple and Samsung respectively.

Users will also see a major change in batteries. The goal will be to bulk up the power while cramming as much capacity inside without any resulting bulk in the size of the batteries. 2016 will see a greater focus on battery technology as well as the introduction of alternative battery materials.

Cameras within smartphones will also improve, making this one of the most important mobile phone trends for consumers. This trend in improving the quality and performance of smartphone cameras began in the last months of 2015. Consumers became more picky about the quality and performance of their phone cameras, and the iPhone was dethroned as the top pick for phones that offered the best quality. Manufacturers became more conscious of the sensors they were using in their headsets and brought them on par with point-and-click cameras. This trend will continue throughout 2016, creating higher quality cameras in the mobile phone market.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images News]