Drew Barrymore On The David Letterman Incident: Why Her Life Changed After She Flashed Letterman

Drew Barrymore has been known to many fans almost since she was born. The Wall Street Journal reports that in Barrymore’s new memoir, a collection of essays called Wildflower, she talks about working at an early age.

“My childhood lasted four years. Then I went to work. Though my father, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-uncles and great-aunts all had been prominent actors in their day, my parents weren’t in the business when I was born. In fact, they weren’t even together. I started life with little more than my last name.”

Drew Barrymore went on to live a childhood of fame and fortune, her career managed by her mother, but the instability and insecurity of her life wore her down. She matured quickly, though, and at the age of 14 got her own apartment, after having relationship issues with her mother.

“Over the next few years my mother and I had a challenging relationship. When I was 14, it became clear we had to part ways, and fortunately my mother was in full support of me. I moved into my own apartment in L.A.’s Park La Brea area. The owner didn’t care how old I was.”

The Guardian reports on Drew Barrymore and Wildflower, about how the memoir only loosely fits the term memoir.

Barrymore is very expressive in each section and she talks about the fact that growing up as she did, she learned what it was like to be without family and will not do that to her own daughters.

“A stable, loving family is something that should absolutely, fundamentally never ever be taken for granted! I am lucky that I got dealt some cards that showed me what it’s like to not have a family, and I am much luckier to now have the chance to create my own deck! I will fight like William ‘Braveheart’ what’s-his-name to keep [my daughters] protected and intact! I am a warrior. I am a soldier. I am a not-to-be-messed-with lion! I am a mother!”

Marie Clair reports that Wildflower also details Drew Barrymore’s progression into a more modest actress. In particular, Barrymore spoke of watching her interview with David Letterman in 1995, when she flashed the host.

It was the that she realized that things had to change.

“As I watched myself and my friends laughing from an objective perspective, I realized right then and there that this was the end of an era for me. And so I started my journey into no sex scenes in movies, modesty clauses in my contracts, and a total lack of nudity in any public forum from there on out.”

Drew Barrymore has grown over the years, has triumphed over addiction, and pulled her life together. She has always been the pretty, wholesome girl who Bustle reports loves pastels, perhaps since she was all dolled up for the 1982 Golden Globe Awards, where she and Henry Thomas read a story called “Hollywood Press-Land.”

These days, Drew Barrymore still wears her pastels. Just three months ago, she posted this pic of herself in a lovely pastel pink dress.

She is also passionate about parenting, so much so that Us Weekly reports she is co-producing a television series called Rattled, that follows four sets of parents during the first year after their babies are born. The new show premieres on February 2 on TLC.

Drew Barrymore has dedicated herself to motherhood and to helping others. She has matured into an incredibly generous woman who has the world by the tail. She fought against a childhood that tried to drag her down and she won!

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]