Ashley Olsen: American Artist Spent Her Final Hours In Italian 'Sex Den?'

Ashley Olsen, the American artist found dead in Florence, Italy, allegedly spent her final hours at a "sex den." The Montecarla club is a members-only venue reportedly operated by its Serbian owner, Jovo Vukelic.

The Florence sex den where Ashley Olsen spent the hours before her murder is encompasses two floors and features luxurious decor and "reclining areas" which functions much like a bed, according to a Daily Mail report. The hostesses at the Montecarla club are allegedly scantily clad in sexy leather outfits. The venue is open past the wee hours of the morning and does not reportedly close until 7 a.m.

One female employee of the Montecarla club told local reporters that she had given "evidence" to the Florence police, but was told the by the law enforcement investigators not to speak with the media about the case. Some locals who spoke with journalists on a condition of anonymity claimed that the sex den where Ashley Olsen was allegedly hanging out prior to her death was "the place" to go if you were seeking "drugs, sex, or transsexuals." One Florence resident deemed the Montecarla club the place you wound up when you were "completely wasted" and labeled it a "druggy place," Detroit Newstime notes.

A description about the Montecarla on Lonely Planet describes the club this way.

"With its fearsome bouncers, boudoir furnishings and multilevel leopard-skin mosh pits, this small happening club exudes Late Empire decadence - as well as clubbing elitism. Dress to kill."
During an interview with the Daily Mail, Jovo Vukelic said that he was not at the Montecarla club the night Ashley Olsen disappeared and maintained that the surveillance camera at the entrance is broken. The murder of the American artist is not reportedly the first time the police detectives have gone poking around at the club and asking questions about a crime.

Drug-related crimes are allegedly the main cause of police visits to the club, which reportedly caters primarily to Eastern European immigrants and American students. Albanian immigrants are thought to be among the largest portion of the clientele.

Nearly one year ago, the Florence police chief reportedly ordered the Montecarla club to close for more than two weeks after allegations that a drug gang from Albania was using the members-only club to sell cocaine. Law enforcement investigators reportedly found little plastic bags that had contained cocaine on the floor of the club and residue on the leopard-print sofas which dot the interior landscape.

In the Fall of 2013, the alleged sex den where Ashley Olsen is thought to have been the night she was murdered was closed due to health and safety code violations. The club also reportedly had its operations license revoked earlier that same year after a woman told the police she was "molested" in the bathroom. The list of drug-related infractions goes on a bit further and dates back at least as far as 2008.

The Florence police chief reportedly deemed the Montecarla club a dangerous venue due to the members with criminal records and "socially dangerous" people who frequent the establishment.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr. Ashley Olsen was found naked inside her home, and appears to have had strangulation marks and no defensive wounds on her body. The prosecutor put in charge of the case of the murdered American artist said that no evidence exists that a forced entry was made into Olsen's apartment, or that she put up a struggle before being killed.

An autopsy report has not yet been finalized, law enforcement officials are awaiting the results from a test initiated to determine if Olsen had had sex in the hours before she was killed. The cell phone belonging to the 35-year-old woman remains unaccounted for, leading police to believe the murdered may have removed it from the home.

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