Alyssa Milano Wonders Why Miley Cyrus Can Show Her Breasts But A Breastfeeding Mother Can’t

Alyssa Milano has had a fabulous career on the small screen in shows that include Who’s the Boss and Charmed. She is also a star in the world of breastfeeding advocacy and NJ reports that Milano recently argued in favor of breastfeeding while being interviewed by Wendy Williams.

Alyssa Milano is very passionate about breastfeeding in public, and Williams is very against it. When Milano asked what upset Williams about breastfeeding in public, Williams responded it wasn’t something she wants to see. According to Williams, mothers should breastfeed their babies in the car, and Alyssa Milano talked about the double-standard society upholds.

“It’s okay to show that picture of Miley Cyrus with two suspenders over her breasts but… You’re lucky the baby’s not here, I’d whip them out right here and feed him on your show.”

This is the Miley Cyrus photo.

Yet, Alyssa Milano received a lot of negative comments when she posted a photo of her breastfeeding one of her children.

Check out the interview.

E! News reports that Alyssa Milano also told Williams she takes her time losing baby weight.

“I always take my time losing the baby weight because there are so many more important things to be going through. I was 172 lbs. the day I gave birth to Isabella, which is exactly what I gained with my son [Milo]… So it was about 55 pounds [weight gain with each baby]!”

Alyssa Milano isn’t just passionate when it comes breastfeeding; the Huffington Post reports she is also very opinionated when it comes to the political candidates for the 2016 presidential election. She voiced how upset she is about having to raise her kids in this time.

“I really just am disgusted by where we are right now in the political system. I think we pin everyone against each other and it’s just creating this really hostile planet and world, and it’s upsetting to me. It’s upsetting that I’m raising kids in this time.”

Her thoughts are pretty low when it comes to most of the political candidates, but she’s good with Bernie Sanders.

“I just can’t with any of these candidates. I can’t even — it makes me sick to my stomach, all of it. But Bernie I feel like is a really honest, cool dude. He doesn’t seem like a politician. He doesn’t seem too polished, too rehearsed. I think his intentions are really pure, and I think we need someone with pure intention.”

Alyssa Milano’s ability to advocate for breastfeeding rights is due to the fact that she has had a long and successful career, mostly on the small screen. However, Entertainment Weekly reports that she was almost cast in one of the most famous movies from the 1980s. It looks like Milano was the runner up for the part of Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, a role that ultimately went to Winona Ryder.

“I did get close on a movie that I really, really wanted to get when I was a kid that Winona Ryder actually got, which was Beetlejuice. It was between the two of us, and she actually got the part. I always wondered what would’ve been different.”

Alyssa Milano probably would have rocked the part, but Winona Ryder just did it so perfectly! Who knows, maybe there will be a Who’s the Boss reboot in the future. Alyssa Milano told Extra she’d do it.

“I think if the script was right, we would all do it… with Netflix bringing back Full House and all of that, we would definitely consider it if the script was great, but it’s gotta live up to what we did.”

That would be fantastic!

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