‘Silence Of The Lambs’ House For Sale, But No One Wants The Home From The Scary Movie

The Silence of the Lambs house is for sale but no one is buying. The owners of the Pennsylvania home, Scott and Barbara Lloyd, put the home used in the cult classic movie on the market last summer. Even after dropping the listing price to $250,000, the fictional home of psycho killer Buffalo Bill, still cannot attract anyone to sign on the bottom line.

The Layton, Pennsylvania, home where Silence of the Lambs was filmed has garnered the second-highest clicked property on Realtor.com last year, but none of the curious browsers were enticed to turn their interest into cold hard cash. The character of Buffalo Bill was played by actor Ted Levine. The home sits upon approximately one acre of land, the Huffington Post reports.

The Silence of the Lambs house is 3-story Victorian style home located in a very small town about a one hour drive from Pittsburgh. The vintage home has four bedrooms, but as is common with older houses, boasts just a single bathroom, according to a report by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Silence Of The Lambs House For Sale

Realtor.com senior editor and unique homes expert Erik Gunther said that although the Silence of the Lambs house comes with copious amounts of notoriety, the location of the property is still a stumbling block. Price could also be an obstacle. Property values vary widely from town to town, county to county, and state by state. If the same home was located in a small town in neighboring Ohio and was not once connected to a famous movie, it would only be worth around $95,000 in many areas.

Potential buyers hoping to get an glimpse of the dungeon pit in the basement shown in the move will be disappointed. The Silence of the Lambs movie crew spent three days inside the Pennsylvania home and filmed in the dining room, kitchen, and foyer. The gruesome edge-of-your seat scenes in the basement dungeon were filmed on a soundstage somewhere in Hollywood. In the hit movie, Buffalo Bill kept his victims in the basement dungeon until he was ready to skin them.

Silence Of The Lambs Movie Clip Filmed Inside the Home That Can’t Find A Buyer

Here’s an excerpt from the Realtor.com Silence of the Lambs house listing.

“Turn back to 1910, this grand home was built with walls 3 brick thick, with the popular wrap around porch, massive sized windows, high ceilings, pocket doors, built ins, and dual stair cases. Now wind forward to 1981 and the filming of the movie “Silence of the Lambs” when the cast and crew descended on Perryopolis, and this home, the home of Buffalo Bill. Complete with the pit and Precious too! But don’t worry, it was all ‘movie magic.’ The house is oozing with charm and grace. You will feel like you should be putting on a hat and gloves, and getting into your Model T. An extraordinary home, in fine condition, with modern updates like central air, modern kitchen, and gas logs in the ‘winter parlor.’ Outside, enjoy that vintage Chessie System caboose, that doubles as a pool house, and in the summer you will love the in ground pool.”

Scott and Barbara Lloyd are at the stage in their life where they are looking to downsize. Their son has been raised and they have their eye on a ranch home just a few miles down the road. The Silence of the Lambs home still holds some sentimental value for the couple. The bought the property and were married in the foyer where Buffalo Bill met Clarice, played by Jodie Foster, in the movie.

Anthony Hopkins, who played the nightmare-inducing Dr. Hannibal Lecter, won an academy award for playing the crazy cannibal in Silence of the Lambs.

[Image via AP Photo/Keith Srakocic]