Farrah Abraham Won’t Let Twitter Feud Go, Uses Daughter To Send Nicki Minaj A Message

Farrah Abraham has not stopped commenting about Nicki Minaj since the two met for a battle of words on Twitter Sunday. It appears that Abraham is going above and beyond to get attention from Minaj, including using her mother and daughter to make her points.

While this was initially entertaining for fans, it is becoming a little much. There are also questions being raised about Abraham’s parenting skills and what she is allowing to be taught and happen in her home. After all of this is said and done, there will definitely be some fallout headed Abraham’s way.

Nicki Minaj fired the first shot at Farrah Abraham, but it should have been over Sunday night. The rapper called out the reality star for the poor treatment of her mother, Debra. Abraham has never been particularly nice to her mom, but the new season of Teen Mom OG has brought out a side of her no one has seen. The comments she makes are mean, and her entire demeanor is something different. Abraham did not take lightly to the tweets sent by Minaj and took things to a whole new level. According to Starcasm, Farrah Abraham had her daughter, Sophia, make a video calling Nicki Minaj a loser. This move has generated more criticism than anything else Abraham has done during this war of words.

It looks like Farrah Abraham has not learned anything from watching her behavior on Teen Mom OG. She is still talking down to her mother, especially when she feels her mother overstepped boundaries. Debra weighed in on the feud between Abraham and Nicki Minaj, and she was quickly shut down. While Abraham’s mom felt like she was helping her daughter, it was clear Farrah was not in agreement. When the feud first blew up, the coverage was minimal, but as things progressed, everyone has been talking about Abraham and Minaj.

Now that Farrah Abraham has put her daughter into the feud, she is taking heavy criticism. Sophia is just 6-years-old, not old enough to really understand what is going on. According to TMZ, Farrah Abraham is not above using her daughter as pawn. While many can’t say this was a shocking move, there are some who still expected more out of Abraham. Through her string of controversial choices, Sophia has pretty much been left alone. Yes, there was a moment where the “tooth fairy” brought her a lot of money for one tooth, but, generally, her parenting decisions have remained out of the media. After this, there is no telling where Abraham is headed in her career.

Fans want Farrah Abraham removed from Teen Mom OG. She no longer represents a positive person who overcame the struggles of being a teenage mom, and Abraham is becoming more of a bully. After making a sex tape, she was a controversial choice for the show, but now, she is definitely too much for the audience to handle. Many of the other moms have had their share of struggles, but not one of them have used their children like Abraham just did. This has crossed the line, and it may only be downhill from here.

There has been no comment from Farrah Abraham about using Sophia to post the video. Fans have been commenting about it for several hours, and so far, there has been nothing else said by Abraham. Nicki Minaj may have been wrong for calling out Abraham on social media, but the response she got was totally uncalled for. Both women used choice words, but Minaj was a bit over the top calling Abraham a “c**t.” Now that Farrah Abraham used Sophia to fight her battle, she is going to have a lot to live down.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Life & Style Weekly]