'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Liam Explodes, Steffy Reacts, And Wyatt Seemingly Plays Coy

There is quite a bit of drama ahead on Tuesday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers detail that viewers will see Liam's reaction to what he saw when he returned home, and Brooke is set to begin her gig at Spencer Publiciations. Just what is coming up in this January 12 show?

As viewers saw on Monday's show, Liam was determined to get home to Los Angeles and repair his relationship with Steffy. He felt sure that they should work toward getting married as soon as possible, despite all of the conflict they have had lately over Ivy. However, when he returned home, he had a shocker waiting for him.

Wyatt has been fairly aggressive in trying to woo Steffy, and he held Steffy in her bed as she fell asleep. While nothing happened between them, and Steffy was insistent that she was in love with Liam, this scenario is going to be difficult to explain. Liam got home and saw empty wine glasses and Wyatt and Steffy asleep in the bed.

Liam collapsed when he saw Wyatt and Steffy, and some B&B fans are speculating that Liam could be facing some kind of medical crisis soon. While it's understandable that he would be caught quite off-guard by seeing Wyatt and Steffy together, this collapse coupled with the fall in the airplane bathroom have some suspecting there is some kind of underlying medical condition that could be shaking things up in the episodes to come.

Just what happens next with Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via She Knows Soaps share that Liam makes a decision about his future with Steffy, and it looks like he breaks things off with her. In fact, Liam will be quite anxious to put a lot of distance between him and the woman he had been intent on marrying soon.

People will be doing a lot of buzzing about this situation, as Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Katie and Bill will be talking about Liam's flight to Australia. Katie notes that if Bill did something similar, flying off with an ex, she would have a lot to say about it. Many figure that this is a bit of foreshadowing about trouble ahead for Katie and Bill.

Brooke is set to begin her new job at Spencer Publications, despite having renewed feelings for Bill. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased another intimate moment ahead this week for Bill and Brooke, though viewers will have to wait and see if it's real or imagined. Regardless, Brooke's presence is sure to create some waves for Katie that she will not see coming.

As for Wyatt, it looks like Quinn will be connecting with him, looking for an update on his pursuit of Steffy. She is asking him where he was, but will he fill her in on his time with Steffy? Will Steffy lean on Wyatt for support as Liam pushes her away, or will she fight for her man?

Liam will tell Steffy that he plans to stay with his dad, and away from Forrester Creations, in the wake of what he saw when he got home. Steffy looks stunned, and viewers will be curious to see what comes next between these two. While it is not known quite yet how Steffy will handle this confrontation with Liam, everybody can bet that she will have a very strong reaction.

Is this really it for Steffy and Liam, or will they manage to clear up the multiple misunderstandings they have had lately? There is more on the way this week with Zende, Nicole, and Sasha, as well, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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