Kevin Hart: ‘Ride Along 2’ Star Confirms His August 2016 Wedding Date

Actor Kevin Hart revealed the date of his upcoming wedding to model Eniko Parrish during a recent interview.

Promoting his new movie, Ride Along 2, was the main reason why the comedian-turned-actor made an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show.

It was during that promotional interview, according to Daily Mail, that Kevin Hart confirmed he will say “I Do” to his fiancee on August 8, 2016.

Kevin Hart Eniko Parrish
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Kevin could have made the announcement very serious from beginning to end. However, fans and critics of the 36-year-old star were more than likely expecting at least one solid punchline, and Kevin apparently did not disappoint.

“You know black men tend to draw these things out, but I cut it short where I could. We’re getting married August 8. It’s over man. August 8.”

Hart even went as far as referring to “chocolate nuggets” — an expression of which Ellen jokingly said she never heard. Even though Kevin admitted to not paying full attention to its meaning before he said it, he also claimed that there was no turning back away from it.

“You know, what’s bad is I didn’t realize what it could mean. So, after I said it I was like ‘Oh wait, no, no, no, I didn’t want it to be that.’ I’m not gonna take it back though, regardless they’re locked up. They’re in the fridge.”

With Kevin Hart’s August 8 wedding date, he and Eniko Parrish would officially be ending an engagement that lasted nearly two years.

As seen on social media, quite a few people have been wondering when Kevin Hart would once again change his relationship status to “married.”

Seriously, how long Kevin Hart gon be engaged to his lady? Every time I see them it confuses me. They so happily engaged yet no wedding.

— Janice ✨ (@jaybeein_) November 27, 2015

The emotional moment of their August, 2014, engagement was actually captured on video and shared by both Hart and Parrish on Instagram, according to People.

Months before Kevin and Eniko got engaged, Kevin addressed the past allegations of his first wife, Torrei Hart. Torrei reportedly claimed that Eniko was Kevin’s mistress during their marriage — a relationship which finalized in divorce back in 2011.

Kevin Hart did not name his ex-wife specifically in his brief May, 2014, rant on Twitter. However, he made it clear that Eniko had nothing to do with his marriage problems.

Perhaps the time that he spent playing Ben Barber in the Ride Along franchise helped to boost Kevin Hart’s desire to get married to his real-life fiancée.

Kevin Hart
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In Ride Along 2, Kevin Hart’s character is preparing to get married to his longtime girlfriend, Angela (played by actress Tika Sumpter) — officially becoming the brother-in-law of Ice Cube’s character, James Payton.

When discussing his wedding plans (or lack thereof) with Ellen, Kevin Hart made quite a few jokes about his lack of involvement with the overall process. However, based on his recent track record — including sold-out comedy tours, box-office hit movies, and popular “Run with Hart” impromptu 5K runs throughout the country — his upcoming wedding ceremony will more than likely be yet another epic event added to the list.

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