'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna Digs, Morgan Opens Up, And Sabrina Faces Tough Questions

There is a lot of drama on the way with Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Anna will be going to great lengths to resolve the Carlos situation while Kiki and Morgan grow closer. Sonny has a new doctor, but he is already unhappy with what he's being told, and it looks like he will be taking some time away from the house to take care of a situation. Where are things headed in the January 12 show?

According to She Knows Soaps, Anna will go to Sabrina and push for information on Carlos. Anna has had a hard time pinning down the truth about what is actually going on with Carlos, and it doesn't seem all that likely she will learn much from Sabrina. However, Sabrina may be left feeling pretty anxious by this encounter, and later in the week, she faces some big decisions as a result.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Morgan will meet with Dr. Maddox for another therapy session, and he will also be spending some time with Kiki. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Morgan will open up to Maddox about the pressure he feels from being a part of his family, and he feels as though all he ever does is disappoint them. Morgan has been struggling a great deal in recent months, but could he be on the brink of pulling things together and making serious progress?

Later in Tuesday's episode, Morgan will catch up with Kiki, and the two talk. These two have been through a lot together, but it is looking like they may be moving toward a fresh start, and some suspect there is the possibility of a renewed romance ahead. However, Kiki suspects that her mom is involved with the cartel again, and if she tells Morgan about this, it could lead to fresh trouble.

There will be another tense encounter between Kiki and Ava in Tuesday's show. General Hospital spoilers note that Kiki will try to be firm with her mother, telling her to stop being manipulative. Also ahead on Tuesday's show, Sonny will be out and about and something will come up where he tries to assure someone he's got plans to take care of everything. Just who is he trying to help?

Paul meets up with Raj at the docks, and things get tense. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Sabrina and Michael will connect in Tuesday's show. When Michael learned that Sabrina's baby was Carlos', he ended their relationship, but could he be having second thoughts? As the week continues, Sabrina will apparently be torn between her two men, and viewers will be curious to see what she ultimately decides to do.

As the week continues, Johnny will make some bold moves in his plan against Valerie. He has orchestrated some photos that could make big trouble for her career, and General Hospital spoilers seem to tease that these come to light later in the week.

Will Anna catch up to Carlos and link all of the puzzle pieces together before he skips town? Will she manage to figure out Paul's involvement in all of this? General Hospital spoilers detail that Sam will be investigating Nikolas' accident later in the week, and there are plenty of additional twists and turns ahead for everybody in Port Charles.

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