'Survivor 32: Koah Rong' Spoilers: Jeff Probst Confirms a Super Idol Twist -- Idols Combine to Create a Super Immunity Idol

Chrissie Williams

Survivor 32: Koah Rong spoilers tease a big shakeup is in the works for the CBS No. 1 reality television show. According to Survivor Insider on Monday, the show has implemented a huge game changer, a super idol power will be up for grabs. The super idol will have the authority to change the game entirely -- and could end someone's game in a never-seen coming blindside.

The theme of the season is Brawns vs. Beauty vs. Brains 2. it marks the second time the show has implemented this theme, and TPTB promised this season will be exciting for fans to watch and one of the most challenging Survivor seasons for the castaways, with arguably the most extreme weather they have ever endured, EW explained.

Jeff Probst explained how the weather will make it difficult for the contestants this season.

"Knowing what I know about Cambodian weather, I am guessing even hotter but a lot less rainy. EXTREMELY HOT. No lie. Some of the hottest days of my Survivor career. And you will see it play out during the season. Cambodia weather is no joke, and these castaway learned firsthand how severe and how much of a toll the weather play in the game."
"When you have one idol and use it, there are no superpowers, and it's played as it always has been; however if you have two idols, it becomes a super idol and can be used after the votes are read."


Jeff previewed the newest Survivor idol twist will deliver big drama for the television viewers. Probst stated because of the fact only one person can use the idol power, castaways will have to rely on trust in each other. To unleash the super power idol, one person will have to give up their safety and immunity idol. If there is no trust between the castaways, of course, it would be a leap of faith to relinquish the idol. It only makes sense the Survivor castaway would surrender the idol to those they truly trust.

Last season on Survivor, there was a new system of voting implemented that fans have never seen. Instead of alliances, they had voting blocks. What this meant was for the tribal council meeting, certain tribal members would vote together, but they did not promise long-term safety -- the deal expired at the end of tribal council allowing them to make another deal for the next tribal.


Big Brother 15 fan favorite, Caleb "Beast Mode Cowboy" Reynolds, is one of the castaways on Survivor's new season. The rumors have speculated for a few months that Beast Mode was taken out of the game early due to a medical condition. Survivor's representative has yet to confirm his departure from the game.

The Survivor fun starts on February 17 on CBS -- tune in to find out the details about the new immunity idol shakeup for Season 32.


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