Bombshell Lifeguard Saves Boy From Drowning: 11-Year-Old’s Best Day Ever

One Queens lifeguard made some young boy’s day when she bravely dived into a crowded 4th of July pool to save him from drowning.

It was just like that scene from The Sandlot, except that the 11-year-old was really in danger. Cutie-patootie lifeguard Emily Harms intervened and saved the unidentified boy’s life at the crowded Glen Oaks pool after hearing cries of help from the shallow end around 1:15 p.m. 21-year-old Harms said that the boy was underwater in the 3-foot section of the Royal Ranch Club pool when she jumped in to save him.

“They thought he was just playing around and then he wouldn’t come up for air,” Harms told the Daily News. “I ran over there.” The child’s mother intervened as well, jumping in after her drowning son and pulling his limp body out of the water. Another lifeguard blew a whistle to clear the area. “He wasn’t breathing,” Harms said. “I started doing rescue breathing and then started CPR.”

A retired NYPD officer also rushed over to help. “He was blue,” 53-year-old Chris Russo said. “He was technically dead.”

Someone diligently called 911, but Harms was able to resuscitate the boy before EMT crews arrived. “We put him on his side,” she said. “He started throwing up.”

The boy was taken to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to Harms’ intervention. The boy has a history of seizures, and may have had one while splashing with friends in the pool, reports the New York Post. “We were just swimming underwater and having fun and then he wouldn’t move,” said one of the boy’s friends. “He was upside down . . . He wouldn’t move.”

Harms, a student of special education at Providence College in Rhode Island, said that the rescue was her first in six summers working at the pool. “It was scary,” she said. “But you don’t have time to really think about it.”

Hero and cutie-pie Emily Harms

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