Is ‘Silly’ Louis Tomlinson Ready To Be A Dad?

While he may be the oldest member of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson is regarded by many, including M Magazine, as “the silly one.

From Harry Styles’ long, flowing hair to Niall Horan’s adorable antics, there are a million and one things to love about the biggest boy band on the planet, One Direction. But today, we’re focusing on one specific member because lately, Louis Tomlinson‘s hilarious silly streak has been making us laugh harder than we have in a long time.

Louis himself has admitted that he can be immature at times, and has stated that he hates “people who are a bit uptight.”

The sassy One Direction star may be set to benefit from his child-like and carefree spirit. Louis is not afraid to call a spade a spade, and there have been rumors that the sexy star’s willingness to mouth off (also evidenced in the many Twitter battles Tomlinson has been engaged in over the years) may have been the key factor behind Simon Cowell’s decision to invite Louis to judge on the X Factor, as reported by The Sun.

“Louis is the most outspoken of the band. He won’t be afraid to tell people if they’re terrible, which Simon loves.”

When it was announced that the beloved Peter Pan-ish member of One Direction had impregnated a casual fling and was set to become a father, many were shocked, as reported by the Mirror. However there is ample proof that Louis Tomlinson will make a great father.

First of all, Louis is determined to be a “hands-on dad,” as reported by the Daily Mail. Though he is not in a relationship with baby mama Briana Jungwirth, Louis has stated that he is committed to supporting the Calabasas blonde and getting stuck into his fathering duties. While Louis attracted criticism for jetting around with new love Danielle Campbell so close to his child’s due date, Hollywood Life have just reported that Louis has an elaborate backup plan to ensure he doesn’t miss the birth.

Those who know Louis Tomlinson have stated that the One Direction star will make a great dad and have given their opinion that the unexpected pregnancy is being dealt with beautifully.

“If it came from a one night thing, who cares? The way it’s being dealt with is cool. The kid’s being brought into a great position. He’s never going to be hard up. He’s going to brought up in a loving situation. Louis will step up to the challenge.”

Louis has repeatedly demonstrated how much he loves children. Between his work for children’s charities, his announcement during the Action1d campaign that his highest ideal would be “a world where every sick child can see a doctor,” and his tender interactions with his own tiny siblings, Louis has all but proven that he is up to the challenges of raising his own kid.

Louis has had a lot of very hands-on experience dealing with children — don’t forget that the handsome 1D star has a whopping seven younger brother and sisters.

Yahoo Celebrity! reported on how family-oriented Louis Tomlinson is.

Big-hearted Lou has previously shared that he is at his absolute happiest when he is spoiling his family…Which must be pretty cool for his seven brothers and sisters – Lottie, Felicitie, Phoebe, Daisy, Doris, Ernest, and one sis on his father’s side, Georgia.

Louis is not just about sunshine and silliness, despite the many pictorials and Louis Tomlinson GIF collections that paint him as such. Former bandmate Zayn Malik revealed that Louis has a tender, emotional side. Zayn even said that Louis is the one he went to talk to when he was feeling down.

If you’re feeling down, who’s the best bandmate to go to?

Zayn: “I tend to speak to Louis a lot. He’s quite emotional, so when he sees someone else being emotional, he understands. It’s a misconception that guys don’t talk, cos we do. We don’t openly cry, but we do think about things and it’s nice to have someone like Louis to talk to.”

Zayn acknowledged that Louis is the joker of One Direction and revealed that only those close to Louis get to see his serious side.

“Louis’ the joker of the band, the funny one and also…not a lot of people get to see, but he’s also got a very serious side, a very sensitive side as well and he’s always good to kinda talk to if you ever feel a bit down. He’s always there to listen.”

Finally, Louis may have attracted some negative press attention as the due date for his child’s birth draws close, but a lot of the stigma about young parenthood is a matter of “fashion.” A piece published on in August argues that the belief in an ideal, “mature” parental age is a trendy one with little evidence to back it up.

The report points out that in the past, 23/24 was considered a very acceptable age at which to become a parent.

Not that long ago, your early 20s was a stock-standard time to start a family, but now a stigma around becoming a parent at this age has grown.

The age is now known as a time to ‘find yourself’ whether it is climbing the corporate ladder or ‘building life experience’ with endless overseas backpacking adventures.

Whether pregnancies are planned or not, the fact is, young parents are just as capable at giving their children as much love and support as older parents, and having a child young sure as hell isn’t a reason to stop striving to achieve your goals, personal and professional.

Louis Tomlinson’s former fling Briana Jungwirth is reportedly due in late January/early February.

Will Louis Tomlinson be a great dad?

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