Tattoo Shop Fined $9 Thousand For Misspelled Body Art

A tattoo shop in Canada was fined approximately $9 thousand dollars for misspelling a phrase on a female customer’s stomach. Newcombe’s Ink tattoo shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia was instructed to use Old English-style script to permanently inscribe “See You at the Crossroads” on Maria Huckle’s stomach is the memory of a deceased friend, The Denver Channel reports. Instead, the tattoo artist misspelled “crossroads” omitting the first “r” in the word.

Huckle did not notice the misspelling until returning home. “This had been a traumatic experience and it’s embarrassing. I just don’t want it any more,” Huckle, 23, told The National Post.

Newcombe’s Ink co-owner Adam Spencer offered to correct the mistake and refund Huckle the cost of the tattoo, according to excerpts from the Toronto Sun. The customer preferred to have the misspelled tattoo completely removed instead of attempting to fix the botched body at. The Nova Scotia tattoo shop reportedly paid for eight laser tattoo removal treatments, but balked when Huckle asked them to cover the cost for 15 more session to completely remove the tattooed phrase from her stomach.

The judge in the small claims court case ordered the tattoo shop to pay for the additional laser tattoo removal sessions, Huckle’s travel expenses, aftercare supplies, court fees and general damages. Huckle did not publicly state whether or not she would hire a new tattoo artist to correctly inscribe the memorial phrase back onto her stomach, the Toronto Sun reports.

Adjudicator Eric K. Slone that there is a “high duty upon a tattoo artist to double check everything is precisely as it ought to be before putting a needle to someone’s skin,” The National Post notes about the comments after the verdict in the $9 thousand misspelled tattoo case.