Louis Tomlinson: Do Conflicting Reports Indicate An End To ‘Babygate’?

The last couple of days have been very odd in the world of Louis Tomlinson. It seems that the U.K. tabloid press do not know what to report when it comes to One Direction star Louis. Of course, when it comes to Tomlinson or any member of One Direction, gossip is always at a premium, and at present Louis is at the head of the queue when it comes to speculation. Tomlinson is well used to being the subject of rumor, speculation, and gossip, but even Louis must be surprised at the spectacular series of U-turns we saw in yesterday’s news coverage.

There are two main threads of speculation surrounding Tomlinson at present. For the last month or so, Louis has been linked with a new “winter girlfriend,” American actress Danielle Campbell. The second thread is Tomlinson’s reported intended fatherhood. Yesterday we saw the two strands brought together for the first time in a meaningful, if confusing way.

The confusion appears to have begun early yesterday when the Sun reported that Louis and Danielle had jetted off for a second holiday together just days after returning to London from a skiing trip. It was believed that louis and Danielle were returning to the alps, this time in Switzerland for more skiing after bad weather had cut short their French trip. A number of other U.K. outlets picked up and ran the same story. It was therefore clearly a huge surprise to all concerned when celebrity-spotting website Star Sightings published pictures of Louis in an airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

It seems that Louis’ unexpected appearance in the U.S. called for a change of focus from the press. The Daily Mail was one outlet that changed from reporting Louis’ vacation to claiming that Tomlinson was set to move to L.A. so that he can be near reported baby mama Briana Jungwirth.

The story about the impending arrival of baby Tomlinson has taken something of a back seat in recent weeks as the media have preferred to focus on Louis’ rumored new romance. However the story of Louis’ reported impending fatherhood has taken up thousands of column inches in recent months. Strangely, both Louis and Briana have been almost totally silent about baby Tomlinson. It is established wisdom that, in a conversation or interview situation, humans will generally break a silence after around seven seconds.

Neither Louis nor Briana have spoken about the baby since August, and that was an 11-word sentence from Louis saying that he was “thrilled” about becoming a dad. As a result of that lengthy silence, the media has leapt in to quote numerous unnamed sources claiming they speak for Tomlinson or Jungwirth.

Yesterday the Mirror followed this well trodden path as it moved from the vacation story to the Louis moving to L.A. story. The U.K. tabloid joined the Sun and the Mail in reporting the unnamed source who says that Louis thinks Briana will be a “fabulous mother.”

“Although they’re not romantically involved, Louis thinks Briana is a great woman and will be a fabulous mother.

“Louis has been helping Briana financially and is prepared to get stuck in with all the tasks that caring for a baby demands.”

If major news outlets present a somewhat confused picture of Tomlinson’s movements and intentions, others report a major exclusive regarding Louis’ plan to ensure he doesn’t miss the impending arrival of baby Tomlinson. Hollywood Life report that a source close to Tomlinson reports that Louis will switch on his cellphone and keep it close to him. That’s quite a plan right there, mind you it is probably the case that Louis is not the first person to think of this one.

The fact that neither Louis nor Briana has spoken about the arrival of baby Tomlinson is confusing and has led to a lot of speculation that the pregnancy is some sort of management PR stunt. The situation was confused still further last month when pictures of Briana emerged. As reported in Inquisitr some appeared to show her heavily pregnant whilst others show no sign of a baby bump at all.

The rumors, speculation and theories about baby Tomlinson has been dubbed “babygate” by fans. With major news outlets drawing Tomlinson’s romance and baby stories together, we may be entering the end-game so far as Louis’ baby is concerned. We wait and watch with interest.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]