Feel Stupid: 9-Year-Old Genius Halfway Through College [Video]

Get ready to feel dumb, lazy, and worthless just like I do. A 9-year-old Mensa member is already halfway through a college degree.

Californian pre-teen Tanishq Abraham was interested in “particle physics, all of the anti-matter, and the fate of the universe and the Big Bang” when he started taking courses at American River College at the age of 7. He’s even been invited to give guest lectures on topics like astronomy and paleontology at the institution, according to KXTL.

“I don’t mind interacting with other college students,” the child-prodigy told the news station. “I like it.”

The wunderkind has been hard at work studying math and science online since the age of 3, says ABC local affiliate News10. His parents had his intelligence tested at age 4, and his high IQ earned him an acceptance into Mensa, a society of people that are famous for understanding things way beyond our collective pay-grades.

“I think as parents, our dream is that he achieves his full potential,” his father, Bijou Abraham, told the news station. “Our challenge is to keep him stimulated, not bored and to advance. We don’t want him to stagnate.”

“A typical comment is that we are really pushing him,” laughed his father. “He’s pushing us.”

Abraham’s story is documented in the YouTube series Think TV. Their pilot episode, “Prodigies,” shows a precocious Abraham who doesn’t seem all that out-of-the-ordinary for a 9-year-old boy, except that he can explain complex concepts like the Higgs-Boson particle with relative ease and comfort.

What do you think of the child-prodigy? Cool story, huh?