Will The Dallas Cowboys Be Robert Griffin III’s Next Destination?

Robert Griffin III has had an interesting ride with the Washington Redskins. Will his next stop be in Dallas with the Dallas Cowboys, or somewhere else? According to Sports Illustrated, Brovada lists the Cowboys as an 11-2 favorite to land Robert Griffin III.

That is the question NFL fans are wondering now that Robert Griffin III will be able to hit NFL free agency in an effort to find a brand new football team and city to call home. What fans do know is that he will definitely not return to the Washington Redskins. If there was no other indication that would suggest that then look no further than the much talked about note which Robert Griffin III left (courtesy of Bleacher Report) for his Redskins teammates.

The note was a touching gesture by Robert Griffin III to close out his rocky tenure with the Washington Redskins. It was a stark contrast to how he was perceived to be during his time as the starting quarterback for much of two seasons. That was including last season, when he split starting duties with now Redskins starter Kirk Cousins, before eventually losing his job. This year he had to watch the games on the sideline with a clipboard as Cousins, who had his share of struggles early on in the season, develop enough to lead the Redskins to the playoffs.

Some Washington Redskins fans were beginning to call for Robert Griffin III to regain the starting duties while Cousins was struggling. In the end, no one mentioned RGIII’s name except for when discussing where would he land next. There is a strong belief, because he is a Texas native, that the Dallas Cowboys will be his next destination.

Whether it is the rumor mill churning about the possibility of Robert Griffin III joining the Dallas Cowboys, or The Inquisitr’s recent assessment about if he or Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel was a good fit for the Cowboys, the chatter has begun.

Could Robert Griffin III actually join the Redskins’ biggest rival? The answer is not as simple as yes or no.

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Because Robert Griffin III is a pending free agent, and he would not cost a player or draft pick, he will attract some interest from the Dallas Cowboys. It is the Cowboys that had their season thrown into a tailspin with the seeming cavalcade of quarterbacks who took the snaps with Tony Romo out after fracturing his clavicle on two separate occasions.

First, it was Brandon Weeden, then it was Matt Cassel, and finally, after the playoffs were no longer an option for the Cowboys, Kellen Moore got his shot. Neither of them were able to step into Romo’s shoes and prove to be viable options to be considered a backup next season. It is only natural for the Cowboys to research the position and look in the direction of Robert Griffin III, or even Johnny Manziel.

Realistically, Tony Romo has two, maybe three good seasons left in him as long as he can get healthy and remain healthy. For any quarterback to come into the Dallas Cowboys’ organization with ideas of being the starter, they must be patient enough to bide their time. After sitting behind Kirk Cousins on the Redskins depth chart, would Robert Griffin III be willing to wait his turn to become the starter?

Not likely!

Considering the fact that Robert Griffin III will turn 26 before he hits free agency, the former No. 2 pick is going to want to be a starter on a team somewhere, or at least compete for a starting job. If he has spent any time looking around the league to visit the current state of NFL quarterbacks, RGIII knows there is a void of quality play-callers. Accepting a job as a backup would put a dent in any ideas of large future paydays. Agreeing to a contract with the Dallas Cowboys is arguably some sort of acceptance that he is a backup. Being 26 years-old, and having the status of being the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the odds are not high that he will come play for the Cowboys. This is despite the Cowboys having the offensive line that could support his strengths.

Robert Griffin III may return to his home state of Texas, but instead of the Dallas Cowboys, the Houston Texans are a possible destination. Other teams that would make sense for him to consider are the Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, and the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams.

It is the Rams who are the dark horses to land Robert Griffin III. They will look to add some star power to a team that sorely needs a quarterback. RGIII would be a natural fit with the Rams.

As for the Dallas Cowboys, acquiring Johnny Manziel would make more sense. Now that the Cleveland Browns have hired offensive guru Hue Jackson to be the head coach, there is an ESPN report that he does not have plans for the talented Manziel in his system. Could Jackson be convinced to change his mind? If so, it is possible that the Cowboys will lose out on both of the quarterbacks that they have been linked to the past few weeks.

Will Robert Griffin III land with the Dallas Cowboys after leaving the Washington Redskins? Not so fast! Fans are still wondering if he or Johnny Manziel is the better fit

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