Elderly Man Attacked While Circulating Pro-Life Petition in Colorado

An elderly man circulating a pro-life petition in support of Colorado’s “Personhood Amendment” was allegedly violently attacked by an angry pro-choice resident, landing the 69-year-old man in the hospital with a broken hip. Everett Stadig was allegedly thrown from the bicycle he was riding while circulating the pro-life petition by an unknown man who became violent after being asked to sign the petition, The Blaze reports. The “Personhood Amendment” must garner 86,000 signatures to be included on the November ballot in Colorado.

Stadig told LifeSiteNews the unnamed man declined to sign the petition and began “yelling, swearing and proclaiming” that he was pro-choice. The senior citizen contends that he attempted to explain that a pro-choice stance meant he supported abortion and again encouraged the man to sign the petition. The six-foot-tall man in his mid-thirties declined and initially walked away, but returned within seconds to “rant” once more. The man allegedly told Stadig he did not have the right to stand outside the grocery store before the situation allegedly turned violent.

Stadig told LifeSiteNews that the man grabbed his petition and threw him to the ground, harming him so badly he could not stand up. The elderly man maintains that up to 20 people were standing nearby but were too far away to intervene and did not attempt to help him up after the alleged attack. Eventually security officers from the grocery store came to his aid. A witness was able to write down the alleged attackers license plate before the man quickly drove away. Stadig is currently recovering in a local hospital from injuries related to the broken hip and a ball socket which needed replaced.