Duggar Cousin Amy Pregnancy Rumors Prompt Response -- 'Not Prepared'

Pregnancy rumors about the Duggar family's cousin Amy have been flying since her marriage. In December, the young wife made social media posts that spurred the rumors; but, now she's backpeddling somewhat, with her newest posts hinting that she's not certain about jumping into parenthood quite yet.

The 19 Kids And Counting family's cousin, who was featured in some episodes as the family "rebel," has spoken out since the show's end, not only to address her feelings about the series of scandals, but to mention how the events have affected her.

Though Amy's complaints have chiefly been about the negative attention brought to her with the publicity, it's clear that TLC's decision to bring 19 Kids And Counting to an end affects the former Duggar, too.

For example, Amy was featured in an episode when she attempted to launch her music career. Having one's music featured in a popular reality show isn't exactly an opportunity afforded to every aspiring musician, and it's an opportunity Amy must have seen melt away last year, even as she also came to terms with the revelations about her cousin.

Amy's feelings about this fame may be mixed; she posted on her blog recently that she was glad not to have cameras around when her now-husband had proposed. This was a clear allusion to the fact that her cousins' proposals and marriages were all on camera for the reality show.

"It was perfect because there were no cameras around. I'm really glad that special pause was just between the two of us. I believe that some of life's sweetest memories should be kept private and intimate."
Is this Duggar cousin expressing genuine relief to have dodged the publicity? It's not clear whether her proposal and wedding would have been featured on the family's show -- as Josh's, Jill's, and Jessa's were -- if they hadn't fallen into that awkward window between the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting and the sudden return of the married Duggar sisters to TLC in three specials that may result in a full spin-off. Or, is her response a case of sour grapes? Only Amy knows her own heart and mind, of course, but it is odd that directly beside her words about "no cameras," Amy has shared a photo of the "special pause" that she says she's glad has been kept between herself and her husband..

Duggar cousin Amy pregnancy rumors
[Image via Amy King's Blog]Whatever Amy's feelings may be about missing the chance to have her proposal and wedding televised, there's another life event that, for the Duggar family, has been the subject of special episodes: pregnancy. Childbirth and pregnancy have been quite the Duggar television event that even Jessa's managed to get a special episode, despite the birth occurring after the show was canceled.

Since a common theme around Amy's appearances on the reality show depicted her as the "rebel cousin" whose lifestyle wasn't exactly the way her Uncle Jim Bob Duggar ran his household, a cousin Amy pregnancy special might have compared Amy's parenting style to that of Anna, Jessa, and Jill. Now, though, it seems unlikely that such an event will air, even if TLC does put out more Duggar spin-offs.

Still, the possibility that Amy might be pregnant became the object of speculation in December, when the newlywed tweeted that she was thinking of baby names.

Duggar Cousin Amy pregnancy tweet
[Image via Twitter]It is, of course, a question that often crosses the minds of newlyweds, even if they aren't currently expecting a baby or trying to conceive. Still, Amy received lots of name suggestions, and even congratulations.

It seems she's been asked about the rumored pregnancy more than a few times in the past month. On Monday, Amy's Instagram featured a meme about the fear of parenthood.

Duggar Cousin Amy: pregnancy and parenthood are scary
[Image via Instagram]Amy captioned the image with a brief agreement.
"So true!:
Perhaps Duggar cousin Amy's pregnancy posts are a hint of breaking news to come, or maybe the most recent is a lighthearted way to tell the curious to back off.

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