'Mob Wives' Drama Erupts On Twitter When Drita Calls Karen A 'Rat'

Mob Wives has been promising a final season filled with drama, but it looks like the ladies couldn't wait until the Season 6 premiere later this week. Since Season 6 of Mob Wives will be the last, the original cast is back to finish it out. While there is one confirmed new girl, the others are back for another shot at reality television. The ladies are all about code, and once it is broken, there isn't any forgiveness in sight. Apparently, there is beef between some of the ladies, even more so now that filming has wrapped for the final season. Who is the biggest "rat" on Mob Wives?

The word "rat" isn't taken lightly on Mob Wives. In fact, it is a word all the women cringe at. It basically means that someone told the police some of the secret information on the operation, and will get someone potentially locked up. In the mob world, being a "rat" is not something you want to be known for at all, and could be cause for being killed. According to VH1, Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo called co-star Karen Gravano a "rat" on Twitter earlier today. Those are fighting words in the world these women live in, and it looks like it is about to go down. D'Avanzo isn't one to back away from conflict, and she will face it head on. She is always ready to throw down, and that is what many of the women find intimidating about her.

While the Mob Wives drama start just a few hours ago, it looks like Karen Gravano was preparing for the worst. According to a tweet sent by Gravano, the Mob Wives star is not bothered by fake stories. It appears as though she was anticipating Drita D'Avanzo's attack. These ladies have always been a little distant with one another, especially since D'Avanzo's husband is Gravano's ex-boyfriend. If you were unaware, Gravano dated Lee D'Avanzo for several years before he moved on with Drita. That is a recipe for disaster, and it looks like something is cooking now. Will the Mob Wives stars hash it out in person, or continue to go back and forth on social media?

There have been rumors that this season of Mob Wives is going to be the most intense of all. Fans have known that some of the ladies have had some friction between them, but no one could have anticipated what would happen between Drita D'Avanzo and Karen Gravano. The two had been away from one another for several years until Gravano moved back to New York to rejoin Mob Wives last season. With Gravano allegedly pulling a stunt on D'Avanzo, the fireworks are going to fly. They briefly had friction on the last season of Mob Wives over the Natalie situation, but it seemed to be under control for the most part.
On Wednesday, the final season of Mob Wives will begin airing. There will be plenty of drama to watch, but the drama happening on social media seems to be overshadowing the season premiere right now. Calling someone a "rat" on Mob Wives is one of the biggest insults. Drita D'Avanzo isn't holding anything back about Karen Gravano, and stands behind calling her out. D'Avanzo alleges that Gravano called a blog and said Lee was arrested, which is untrue. There is no evidence to prove either Mob Wives star is right, but fans have begun to take sides. Many are coming to D'Avanzo's side, while a few are standing behind Gravano. There is never a dull moment in the Mob Wives star's lives, especially when one crosses another.
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