‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Explains Why Lace Morris Is Still On The Show

Bachelor fans who tuned in to watch last Monday’s premiere saw one contestant stand out: the dynamic Lace Morris, who was insistent on getting more than one kiss from Ben Higgins. After the rose ceremony, with a flower in hand, Morris took Higgins aside to question why he hadn’t made eye contact with her. As People reported, she was indulging in the Bachelor champagne, which may have influenced her interactions with Ben.

Now, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ben Higgins is shedding light on why Lace made it through round one and how he might interact with her in the future. Perhaps surprisingly, he credits her honesty as something that will help him through the Bachelor courting process.

“Patience is how you should confront any situation. It’s a long day, a long night, you’re walking into a house with a bunch of women you just met and trying to wrap your brain around the whole situation and I get that it’s hard.

“Right away I noticed she didn’t want to hold in her feelings and thoughts, she wanted to express them, and that helps me out to know where everybody is at.”

People has already predicted Lace will be cast on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, in essence saying she won’t get to the Bachelor finals but will be a dramatic contestant for as long as she lasts. Lace had already made an appearance in the teaser clip for the new season, before the premiere episode. She was seen attempting to kiss Ben (a second time) while he resisted and said he wanted to get to know the women better first.

'Bachelor' Becca Tilley, Chris Harrison
Among the contestants on Ben Higgins season of 'The Bachelor' is Becca Tilley, pictured here with host Chris Harrison. Tilley was Chris Soules' runner-up last season. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment)

Chris Harrison, long-time host of The Bachelor, seemed to hint at recurring Lace appearances in his blog for Yahoo TV. He appeared to give the Denver real estate broker a backhanded compliment for her attempt to corral Ben after the roses had already been distributed — and she had one in hand.

“Lace is beautiful and bold, but she’s also clearly very unpredictable. Pulling Ben aside and confronting him after the first rose ceremony is a move I’ve never seen before. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of Lace in the coming week, and it’s pretty clear that Ben is going to have to navigate that relationship carefully.”

Of course, The Bachelor is known for dropping different personalities into the mix of contestants to keep things interesting. Lace has one of the more tame biographies of Ben Higgins’ bunch. He also had his pick of a self-described chicken enthusiast, a cowgirl (who arrived with a miniature horse), and a woman who admitted to stalking Ben on social media before arriving for the show.

He also has Bachelor veterans Becca Tilley and Amber James in the mix. Both received roses the night of the premiere, although, sadly, the chicken enthusiast and cowgirl went home empty-handed. On his blog, Harrison noted he, personally, made a strong connection with Huey, the miniature horse.

Monday night, Ben will get a bit of help from some unlikely sources — musician Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart. On the premiere episode, Higgins got some advice from former Bachelors Chris Soules, Jason Mesnick, and Sean Lowe. Soules told Ben he should kiss everyone, making reference to his own reputation as the Bachelor who liked to lock lips with the contestants.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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