Cincinnati Bengals: Adam 'Pacman' Jones Rants On Antonio Brown, Joey Porter of Pittsburgh Steelers

It will probably take some time for Adam "Pacman" Jones to get over the fact that his penalty put the Pittsburgh Steelers within field goal range, allowing the curse the Cincinnati Bengals have suffered for a quarter of a century to live on. It clearly demonstrates the second stage of grief -- anger -- he posted an Instagram video ripping into Steelers linebacker coach Joey Porter and the referee who made the call. When interviewed on The Dan Patrick Show, he claimed receiver Antonio Brown was faking the injury during Saturday night's NFL Playoff game.

As just a part of one of the most epic meltdowns in Cincinnati Bengals and NFL Playoff history, Vontaze Burfict was called for a personal foul (and a 15-yard penalty) for his hit on Antonio Brown. As Steelers personnel came onto the field to check on Brown, Jones earned his own 15-yard penalty for yelling at Porter.

The combined 30 yards in penalties put the Steelers within field goal range with under 20 seconds left on the clock. Chris Boswell nailed a field goal from 35 yards out, putting the Steelers up 18-16 with just seconds remaining in the game.

On the very next play, Jones returned the kick he received from four yards into the end zone to the Bengals' 24 yard line. With only six seconds remaining, Jones didn't make up for the 15-yard penalty.
After the game, Jones ranted on social media about the ref and the Porter, with the kind of language NSFW was made for. Although he took the rant down from his Instagram account, the internet never forgets, and it had already been posted by others. Jones maintains that he shouldn't have received a penalty because Porter wasn't supposed to be on the field and should receive a harsher punishment than a fine. Jones stopped to talk with reporters before cleaning out his locker and leaving Paul Brown Stadium.
On Monday, ESPN reports that he was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show, where Jones claimed that Brown was faking his injury.

"Antonio Brown was not hurt. I know he was faking it. Go back and look at the play. If you go back and slow-motion play, you tell me that Vontaze hit him in the head or did his shoulder pads barely touch him?"

Later, talking to Michael Silver of the NFL Network, he expressed the same sentiment.

"He deserved a Grammy Award for that. I know if you just got knocked out you ain't going to be able to wink and tell me you're OK."

The timing of Pacman's outbursts and accusations may not have come at the best time. The season is officially over for the Cincinnati Bengals and Adam's contract is up.

As reported, while lately there have been no discussions, Adam "Pacman" Jones would like to be a Cincinnati Bengal going forward. A Tweet from Geoff Hobson, editor at, is cited as the source of this Jones update.
Pacman has been with the Cincinnati Bengals since 2010. While his off-the-field behavior hasn't resulted in any suspension from the NFL since signing with the Bengals, Jones missed all of the 2007 and a part of the 2008 NFL season for his involvement in a Las Vegas shooting.

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