Kaley Cuoco Not Able To Call Into ‘Bachelor Live,’ So Ben Higgins Invites Her On Show

Kaley Cuoco has never been shy about the fact that she loves The Bachelor. A lot of celebrities are fans of different shows, and even though Kaley’s show The Big Bang Theory is on CBS and The Bachelor is on ABC, that doesn’t keep her from loving the show. Now, ET Online is sharing that said that Kaley Cuoco tried to call into Bachelor Live last week and they didn’t allow her to ask Ben Higgins her questions.

Kaley Cuoco shared at the People’s Choice Awards that she tried to call, and it didn’t work out. Here is what she had to say about it.

“I called in to ask my questions that the fans supposedly get to call in and ask, and I was not allowed to!I’m just putting it out there. So, Ben Higgins, I have questions for you, and I will save my questions until I get through and I will be on my phone when I get in my car to try and get through tonight.”

Her sister Bri Cuoco went to her Instagram to share what happened. Kaley was on the phone trying to call in and get through to Chris Harrison when they closed the lines. Kaley was trying to get through and was just too late, so she never got a chance to talk to Ben.

At the People’s Choice Awards, Ben Higgins made sure to speak out to Kaley and let her know his thoughts.

He said, “Kaley, we’re gonna take care of you and get you on Bachelor Live, if you’ll accept.”

They would love to have her on the show, and it sounds like that would be a dream come true for Kaley Cuoco, so expect her to either show up or call in soon. Kris Jenner will actually be on the show this season, so Kaley Cuoco isn’t the only celebrity who loves the show and wants to talk about it.

Ben Higgins knows that he is getting famous, but he doesn’t seem to feel like he is that different. Ben spoke out about it recently.

“First off, it’s really great that they’re fans of the show, but second — they’re people. mean, everybody here tonight, they’re incredibly talented, but they’re people. You know, I want to treat them like I would treat anybody else and, you know, somebody that I meet in my hometown is the same as somebody who’s on a television show.”

Red Book shared that Kaley Cuoco has been going through a rough time lately. First, her chihuahua-dachshund mix Petey dog that she had for 15 years passed away. Then, Kaley actually adopted a dog named Chester, and then just one week after adopting the dog, it passed away as well. Kaley shared about what happened.

“It hasn’t been a great week for dogs so with a heavy heart I must tell you, sweet Chester (aka Cheddar cheese) has passed away. We rescue these angels blindly and have no idea what problems they may have. I’m still in shock but I just keep feeling blessed to have him in my life even for a small amount of time.”

It does look like Kaley Cuoco will be joining Bachelor Live in some way if it is up to Ben Higgins. It would be shocking if Kaley turned that down, but she just has to find a way to work it into her busy schedule. Do you think that Kaley will call in or show up on the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]