Miranda Lambert New Boyfriend: Country Star Dating Anderson East As Source Claims She’s A ‘Big Fan’ Of Gwen Stefani

Miranda Lambert, Billboard Music Awards

Miranda Lambert recently confirmed her new relationship with fellow singer Anderson East. After reports hit the web that claimed the two were dating, the 32-year-old country star shared a photo of herself and East, who hails from Alabama, on Instagram.

“The romance has been going on for about a month, a welcome break from an overdose of [Blake Shelton] and [Gwen Stefani], who confirmed their relationship in early November,” My Tech Bits reported of Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend on January 9.

As for how Miranda Lambert and East met, that has yet to be revealed. However, according to a report by WIN 98.5 on January 11, it will be explained in the upcoming issue of People Magazine.

Miranda Lambert and Shelton parted ways in July after four years of marriage, and just a few months later, he began dating Stefani — and he did so in a very public manner. Just hours before he and former wife Miranda Lambert were scheduled to attend the same awards show, November 2015’s Country Music Awards, Stefani’s rep confirmed their romance with Us Weekly. After the show, the couple attended an after-party, where they were seen holding hands and enjoying drinks with friends.

Around the same time, Miranda Lambert was linked on-and-off to fellow country singer Sam Hunt, with whom she will soon go on tour. However, up until this point, there was never any physical evidence that the two were at all romantic. Instead, no photos surfaced, and the alleged former pair continued to focus on their music.

After a couple of months of Stefani and Shelton’s nationwide PDA, Miranda Lambert began dating East, and in the weeks that followed, the couple has kept a much lower profile than Miranda Lambert’s ex and his new girlfriend. While the Voice couple continues to flaunt their love for one another in cities around the United States, Miranda Lambert has only been seen with East once, and that was in the photo she chose to share on social media.

Following the news of Miranda Lambert’s new romance, the country singer made a move that no one expected on Twitter: she followed Stefani. Then, a short while later, Stefani favorited a post Miranda Lambert had made. Although there had been a number of reports claiming the two women were previously at odds, their Twitter activities hinted at otherwise, and so did an E! News report.

“Gwen and [Miranda Lambert] are actually big fans of each others’ music and respect each other as artists,” a source told E! News last week. “[Miranda Lambert] has always thought very highly of Gwen and thinks she is an extremely talented artist.”

Miranda Lambert also has no hard feelings when it comes to Stefani’s romance with her former husband.

“[Miranda Lambert] is happy that they are doing well and wishes the best for them. Miranda is focusing on herself and enjoying her new relationship. Miranda is in great spirits!”

And the same goes for Stefani.

“Gwen thinks very highly of [Miranda Lambert] and really likes her music,” the source added. “Gwen thinks it’s great that [Miranda Lambert] is dating and in a happy place! Gwen is not the kind of women to be catty at all, and she avoids drama at all accounts.”

Miranda Lambert has yet to speak out and reveal any personal details about her relationship with East.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]