All About Jennifer Cassetta’s Diet, The Strong, Safe, And Sexy Plan, On ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’

This week on My Diet Is Better Than Yours, viewers will be introduced to Jennifer Cassetta and her diet, The Strong, Safe, and Sexy Plan. Jennifer is a new trainer this week after Taj Robinson told her trainer, Jovanka Ciares, that it was time to go home and she wanted a new trainer.

People got the chance to speak with Jennifer Cassetta about her diet and what viewers can expect from her. Cassetta is a third-degree black belt in Hapkido, a form of martial arts that focuses on self-defense, and they are going to be doing this as part of their workout on the show.

Jennifer shared why martial arts are part of her diet and how it can be such a great workout.

“It’s a great core exercise, with so many mental and emotional benefits. Martial arts training is actually really like high intensity interval training because of the intensity of the workouts and the rest periods. But you’re also learning to defend yourself at the same time.”

So what is her diet? Jennifer Cassetta does a diet that gets rid of gluten totally. Taj will be eating a lot of fish and also plant-based meals. Basically, it is all vegetable-based along with the fish, which is good for you. She will only be eating three animal products in this diet, which are fish, eggs, and dairy. Dairy does allow a lot of things, though, depending on what she wants to eat. Jennifer Cassetta thinks that they will be the winning team for sure and shared.

“I’m confident in this plan because it is so holistic, it brings so much to the table. A lot of the other plans are very one-dimensional, but this covers all of the bases, mentally and physically. I call it the Strong, Safe, and Sexy plan. Strong mentally and physically, safe from lifestyle related injuries, and sexy because you’ll look great doing it.”

This week, Jennifer Cassetta will be brought on the show, and she is going to be there the rest of the season. Taj is only allowed to switch diets once during the show, so her switch to Jennifer will be her last one. Jennifer travels around the country, teaches self-defense, and helps women get healthy. Cassetta says she has seen this diet work and knows that it does.

On Jennifer Cassetta’s website she explains more about herself, including that she has worked with some pretty big stars, including Carrie Fisher, Jenny McCarthy, and Marie Osmond. She taught them how to defend themselves while still wearing their high heels because obviously they could be caught out on them. Jennifer Cassetta offers DVDS, books, and more on her website if people want more information on her diet or on defending themselves. There is also a 21-day diet plan you can use to get started.

Jennifer Cassetta will be coming into the competition a bit late, but she only missed out on two weeks of training with Taj Robinson. You never know what might happen because others could decide to kick their trainer and start over even later in the game. Hopefully, Jennifer can catch up fast and get Taj on the right track this week.

Do you think that Jennifer Cassetta can win the show My Diet Is Better Than Yours with her The Strong, Sexy, and Safe Plan? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of My Diet Is Better Than Yours on Thursday nights on ABC.

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