June 29, 2017
Priscilla Presley Determined To Keep Elvis 'Current'

Priscilla Presley was the lucky woman who married The King, and even though they divorced in 1973, they remained close friends. Last month, Metro reported that Priscilla Presley reminisced about her time with Elvis in an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain. Presley said if she could go back and re-live one part of her life with Elvis, it would be the day they got married.

"It wasn't a fanfare, it was all arranged where it was very private. It wasn't like it is today where everyone has the biggest, the best, the most expensive wedding. It was really a nice wedding. Then we had our friends join us all in Memphis after that."
Priscilla Presley also remarked about how young she was to be thrown into the life of a famous rock 'n' roller.
"[It was] not like anything I could have imagined. I was a kid thrown into rock 'n' roll at a very young age. Life was not normal in any way, we lived during the evening and slept during the day."
It is thanks to Priscilla Presley that Elvis lives on in music today, particularly with the release of his new orchestral album, which is close to the top of the charts.

Rolling Stone reports that Priscilla Presley is the caretaker of Elvis' estate, and she is interested in finding ways to keep his music alive.

"Our culture and music has changed so drastically, I think that we have to keep [Elvis] right in line and do whatever we can to keep him current. I'm not saying we'd change his voice. It will always be him singing. But it will be a new take on it. He would have been the first to jump in. We're just carrying out, really, the DNA of Elvis Presley and keeping him authentic."
Elvis has even been kept alive through Twitter, something he never could have imagined was possible.

Bristol Post reports that Priscilla Presley has talked about the new album and how it shows Elvis' versatility as a musician.

"The album is to show how versatile Elvis was as a singer and the sorts of music he liked. We all know he was in rock 'n' roll, but he was so much more than that, not that there's anything wrong with rock 'n' roll. He just didn't feel he was taken seriously for his craft."
Of course, Priscilla Presley is keeping herself busy with her own craft. Over the holidays, she performed in Aladdin onstage at the Milton Keynes Theatre in the UK. Presley arrived in England in November to start the production, which ran over the holidays.Priscilla Presley's role was that of the genie, and although the review in the Hemel Gazette was only moderately good, it was said Presley looked fabulous. Just take a look at the video trailer of the production to see how incredible it looks.

At the age of 70, Priscilla Presley has never looked better, and she has been true to the memory of her late ex-husband. Express reports that she even shushed Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan when he began to serenade her with an Elvis song. He was saddened.

"Oh come on Priscilla, it wasn't that bad! I've waited all my life to do that to you."
Apparently, he just can't do it like The King. But then again, who can? The King's memory is alive and well, and Priscilla Presley is happy keeping it that way now and for years to come.

[Composite image containing photos by Keystone, Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]