'Pretty Little Liars' Spoilers: What Happened To The Liars During The Time Jump?

Pretty Little Liars has been heavily anticipated since the summer finale. Fans got the answers they needed about "A," and now there is a new stalker after the liars. Pretty Little Liars will begin airing Season 6B tomorrow, and it will be five years ahead of where it left off. There is going to be plenty of explaining to do, especially where relationships come in. Already, fans are speculating what happened to each of the characters over the jump, but there is plenty left to shock fans. These are some things you can expect from Pretty Little Liars this season, and what you should already know about the liars.

Aria Montgomery is one of the favorites from Pretty Little Liars. She was also a suspect throughout the first five seasons, especially since "A" was always around her. The relationship with Ezra seemed to be developing last season, but they are no longer together when Pretty Little Liars returns. It appears that something terrible has happened in Ezra's life, and fans will get to explore that. Aria is working at a publishing company and in a relationship with a co-worker. Ezra will cross paths with Aria because of her boyfriend, and that will be an awkward moment.

Hanna Marin is also a huge hit among Pretty Little Liars fans. She had a romance with Caleb that gave girls flutters. The two were happy when we last saw them on Pretty Little Liars and on their way out of Rosewood. Apparently, the two moved to New York City, and then things went downhill. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Pretty Little Liars fans will get to see what transpired between the two and why they are no longer together. Hanna is engaged, and will be getting married before the show airs a series finale, though that isn't for at least another season or two.

Spencer Hastings isn't going to shock Pretty Little Liars fans with her career. She is in Washington, likely pursuing politics of some sort. She will be returning home to Rosewood to help her mother win a Senate election. There is no relationship between Spencer and Toby, which is saddening for Pretty Little Liars fans. With Caleb and Hanna broken up and Aria and Ezra completely estranged, there was still some hope for Spencer and Toby. It appears that there will be some clarification about what happened with this couple as well, likely in the first few Pretty Little Liars episodes.

Emily Fields has always been the more secretive one on Pretty Little Liars. She will return to Rosewood with more secrets than ever, and even a new girl she mentions a time or two. There is some teasing that this mystery girl could end up in Rosewood before the season is over. Will Emily Fields be bringing back the stalker with her?

Alison DiLaurentis is one of the most complicated characters in Pretty Little Liars history. She is back, and she is working at Rosewood High while getting her teaching degree. It is nice to see her back in a school setting, and she seems to be doing well after all of the chaos last season. While Alison will be getting married on Pretty Little Liars, it isn't supposed to happen until next season.

In preparation for the big season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, all five girls will be appearing on The View January 12. According to Headline Project, the Pretty Little Liars ladies are the only guests listed for the show. Fans are excited to see what they will say and whether or not they will give away any secrets for Season 6B. Pretty Little Liars Season 6B will begin airing tomorrow night on Freeform, previously known as ABC Family.

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