'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Stefano Dead For Good, Shocking Death Details

Amanda Lynne

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Stefano DiMera is officially and finally dead for good. Actor Joseph Mascolo, who has portrayed Salem's biggest villain for decades, has decided to retire from the show due to health issues, and fans will dearly miss him.

According to She Knows, Days of Our Lives has finally killed off Stefano DiMera for good. The character, who is known as the Phoenix due to his ability to rise from the ashes and return from the dead, will seemingly not be rising this time around.

Days of Our Lives viewers watched as Hope Brady lost her mind and began shooting holes into Stefano's chest on Friday's cliffhanger. The moment was a big one for DOOL watchers as well as for the character of Hope, who is already the main suspect in the murder of Dr. Malcolm.

Now Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that it will be Hope's former partner, Rafe Hernandez, who will come to her rescue yet again. Rafe will risk everything for Hope, whom he dearly loves, by helping her cover up the murder and even hide the body of Stefano!

Kristian Alfonso, who plays Hope Brady on Days of Our Lives revealed via Twitter that she was not expecting those scenes and that they were hard ones to get through.

"They were very difficult scenes to shoot. I will miss working with Joe, love him, loved working with him," she told fans.

Joseph Mascolo has played Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives since 1982 and has been responsible for many disasters in Salem. In fact, when something goes wrong, it is most likely linked back to Stefano or one of the DiMeras. In particular, Stefano has made John and Marlena's life a living hell, as well as Bo and Hope and countless other DOOL favorites.

Besides playing a huge part on Days of Our Lives, Joe Mascolo is a soap opera vet. He has appeared as Massimo Marone IV on Bold and the Beautiful from 2001 to 2006, as well as Nicholas Van Buren on General Hospital and Carlo Alvarez on Santa Barbara.

Now that Stefano DiMera is dead and gone, seemingly for good this time, that only leaves Chad DiMera and Andre DiMera in Salem. Chad is the certainly the sweetest of the DiMera children and is currently engrossed in his romance with Abigail Deveraux after finding out he is the father of her adorable baby son, Thomas Jack. So, it seems that Chad won't be helping Andre in any of his evil schemes.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives has already established Andre DiMera as the new DiMera villain in Salem, and he's already started by convincing Aiden Jennings to try to kill Hope Brady on their wedding night for her life insurance money, a plan which backfired when Bo Brady came back to save her, ultimately killing Aiden in the process. Now, Andre has set his sights on his own brother, Chad, brainwashing him to try and seduce Belle Black-Brady in hopes of finding out what her sister, Sami Brady, did with the millions of dollars she stole from the DiMera family. Will Sami be Andre's next target, or will her family back in Salem suffer the wrath of the new DiMera leader?

No matter what happens next on Days of Our Lives, fans will fondly remember all the drama and mayhem caused by Joseph Mascolo's Stefano DiMera and remember his time on the show fondly when they look back at memories from the long-running NBC soap. He will be greatly missed.

What are your thoughts on Stefano DiMera officially being killed off Days of Our Lives?

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