'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Rafe Crosses Lines For Hope And Chad Has A Big Question For Abigail

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Monday's episode will be a big one. As viewers saw on Friday, Hope shot Stefano after he taunted her in their confrontation over Bo. This January 11 episode shows what comes next on that front, as well as some big developments for Chad and Abigail. There is plenty more heartbreak on the way regarding the big accident that killed Daniel too.

As We Love Soaps shares, Rafe will step in to help Hope in the aftermath of Stefano's shooting. While Stefano has faced many an obstacle over the years and risen to conquer them again and again, it seems that this is the end for him. There had been a lot of buzz over the past few months that DiMera was going to be killed off once and for all, and it seems it has finally happened.

Hope shot Stefano multiple times, and now Rafe will be helping her cover up the murder. Rafe had been worried about how far Hope would go in her quest for vengeance regarding Bo's kidnapping, and while she did not kill Dr. Malcolm, she did cross the line here. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Rafe will work with Hope to wrap up Stefano's dead body and get it out of the mansion.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Rafe bursts into the DiMera mansion on Monday's show, hoping to stop Hope from going too far with Stefano. Obviously, he will discover that he is too late, but he will jump into action as Hope freezes over what has happened. Rafe had promised Bo that he would watch out for Hope, and now he's crossing some serious lines to keep that promise.

From the sounds of things, Andre will be quite suspicious of Hope and what may have happened to his father. He thought he had control over all the family's affairs, but between Hope killing Stefano and Chad turning the tables on him with the brainwashing, things are not going according to plan. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that these issues may propel Andre to become more dangerous than ever.

Also ahead in Monday's show, viewers will see Nicole confront Eric over the accident that killed Daniel. Eric's drunk driving caused the accident that caused all of this devastation, and while he already feels horrible about what happened, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Nicole will push him hard, and he will surely feel even worse after the confrontation.

Maggie is devastated by Daniel's death, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Victor will be doing everything he can to support her during her time of heartbreak. Melanie will be headed back to Salem as plans for Daniel's funeral are made, and that may help, but this is going to take Maggie some time to work through.

There will be a happy moment coming in Monday's episode, however, that fans won't want to miss. Chad will propose to Abigail, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that there may even be a wedding soon. Unfortunately, there are significant changes ahead yet for "Chabby," seemingly this spring, and fans aren't quite sure where things are ultimately headed on this front.

Will Hope and Rafe get away with covering up Stefano's murder? Will Chad and Abigail have some happy days ahead? Fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues this week on Days of Our Lives.

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