Jordan Spieth, Girlfriend Annie Verret, And His Entire Family Celebrate First Win Of 2016

Jordan Spieth, his girlfriend Annie Verret, and the rest of his family are celebrating the number one golfer’s first win of 2016.

In a picture posted to social media, Spieth, who walked away Sunday with an eight-stroke win at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Hawaii, the golfing heartthrob shared a picture of himself in a private jet with girlfriend, Annie Verret, his parents and sister, thanking NetJets for the sweet ride home from the tournament.

The win allowed Spieth to tie Tiger Woods’ record for having the most wins — seven — by the age of 22. In comparison to Woods, Spieth won his seventh PGA Tour event in his 38th start, while Spieth has had 18 wins in his first 77 tournaments.

“Nowhere near,” Spieth told ESPN when asked how his record stacks up with Woods’, adding that comparisons should not be made.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to compare. It’s awfully early. We’re excited about where we’re at to start our career. What Tiger has done, I can’t imagine ever being done. But it’s nice to be in that company. It’s fantastic being out here with what we’re trying to do and doing it well.”

Girlfriend Annie Verret, who works at the First Tee of Dallas, is a constant supporter of her golfing boyfriend and has been since they were just kids in Texas.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Annie Verret met Spieth while in high school when she was at the all-girls Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas, and he was at the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School nearby, according to Augusta.


Their relationship continued even though they attended different schools — Spieth at the University of Texas, where he led the school’s golf team in securing three events his freshman year. He later led his team in winning the NCAA title during his sophomore year. While playing for the university, he earned All-American honors, All-Big 12 Team, Big 12 Freshman of the Year, and Player of the Year.

Meanwhile, girlfriend Annie Verret completed her business degree, earning a 4.0 GPA and her name on the dean’s list. She was also named to the President’s Honor Roll twice.

As adults, Spieth and his girlfriend manage to maintain a strong relationship that defy odds. However, many attribute their successful romance to the level heads and maturity.

In a column for the Washington Post, Thomas Boswell marveled at Jordan Spieth and the level-head he brings to the sporting arena.

“In normal human development, 21-year-olds are only supposed to be partially formed, ill-suited to seeing all the sides of complicated issues, and at times they’re just jerks. Years later, that all gets sorted out, and we meet the person they become.

“Spieth has shattered that view. Many say he’s just what U.S. golf needs.”

A loyal family man, Spieth is noted for his close relationship with his special-needs sister, Ellie, who he says is an inspiration to him daily.

“Being Ellie’s brother humbles me every day of my life.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Spieth’s mother, Chris Spieth, told CBS Sports before his Masters win that Ellie has had a monumental role in shaping Jordan Spieth’s career and keeping him humble and grounded despite his incredible talent and the attention he receives.

“Jordan wouldn’t be where he’s at today if he didn’t grow up with Ellie. Jordan realizes this isn’t real life at the Masters. Trying to sit around and have dinner when his sister doesn’t want to eat when everybody else is eating and has a fit, that’s real life.”

Jordan Spieth’s website also speaks of the impact his 15-year-old sister has had on his life and career.

“Jordan realizes this isn’t real life at the Masters. Trying to sit around and have dinner when his sister doesn’t want to eat when everybody else is eating and has a fit, that’s real life.”

Needless to say, fans continue to speculate when family-man Spieth and girlfriend Annie Verret might decide to tie the knot. Most likely, however, the level-headed couple prefer to keep their focus on their successful careers — for the time being, at least.

[Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images]