Pornhub’s 2015 Stats Are An Eye-Opener For Adult Content Streamed Worldwide

Anne Sewell

Popular streaming website Pornhub has been busy crunching the numbers and has revealed its stats for 2015 and they are definitely eye-opening.

According to their recent post about the stats, Pornhub said they "took a look at how everything and anything from the Super Bowl to Marilyn Monroe's birthday to Storm Juno affected search behaviors and traffic rates on the site."

The Inquisitr reported back in November that Pornhub suffered a 10 percent decrease in traffic when "Fallout 4" came out. Turns out it didn't really have a drastic effect on the porn streaming website overall.

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Wrap your mind around that -- that it is a lot of gigabytes. According to Pornhub, this is enough data to fill the storage capabilities of approximately 175 million 16GB iPhones.

Turning to the number of hours spent on Pornhub, they reckon 4.3 billion hours were spent watching porn on the popular website, which they claim is "two and a half times longer than homo sapiens have been on Earth".

During all those hours, users reportedly streamed 87.8 billion videos, which translates to around 12 videos for every person living on Earth.

As to which countries love Pornhub the most, the U.S.A. comes in at number one, followed closely by the U.K., then Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland, Australia, Sweden and Denmark. They even crunched the numbers by U.S. State. What's up with Hawaii?

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It's interesting to note the average length of time spent on Pornhub, where 2015 saw 2014's figure of nine minutes and 16 seconds increased by four seconds – so people are spending a little longer on the website.

Reportedly users in the Philippines spent the most time on the website at an average of 12 minutes and 45 seconds, followed closely by the U.S.A. at nine minutes 51 seconds, Australia at nine minutes 36 seconds, India at nine minutes 30 seconds and Canada at nine minutes 27 seconds.

The list goes slowly downhill from that point where one particular Latin lover country spent the shortest average time on Pornhub, with Cuba spending a mere five minutes and 11 seconds on average, followed by Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and others.

Looking at how Pornhub's users accessed the website during 2015, 52.9 percent used mobile, 10.8 percent accessed it on tablet computers, while 36.3 percent used desktop computers. This saw a gain in some cases on 2014 figures with mobile traffic increasing by 17.7 percent, desktop usage dropping by 18.1 percent and tablet traffic increasing by 0.2 percent.

Speaking of mobile devices, 47.9 percent of the traffic heading to Pornhub came from Android, 46.2 percent from iOS, 3.1 percent from that is termed "other" and 2.2 percent came from Windows devices.

Which desktop browsers did Pornhub users use the most to access their regular enjoyment? Turns out Google Chrome came in number one at 48.9 percent, Internet Explorer came second with 17.8 percent and Firefox tailed in third place at 17.6 percent.

Talking the "playing games" side of things, it turns out console traffic was reasonably prevalent, with Sony PlayStations bringing in 46.9 percent of all console traffic to Pornhub, followed by Microsoft's Xbox at 37.9 percent and Ninetendo Wii consoles at 8.9 percent.

Full (and semi-NSFW) details of the various 2015 statistics can be viewed on the Pornhub website.

If Pornhub gets around to their Virgin Galactic porn in space idea as reported on the Inquisitr a while back, 2016 stats will most probably show a literal "out of this world" year.

[Photo via Flickr by Michael Coghlan/CC BY SA 2.0]