Matt Damon Wins Best Actor At the Golden Globe

Matt Damon at the Golden Globe

Matt Damon has finally done it – he has won a Golden Globe for his acting! This is definitely not his first nomination; in fact, he has been nominated a total of six times and has carried home the award once. In 1998 Matt took home the Golden Globe for writing the Good Will Hunting screenplay with Ben Affleck. Matt Damon now takes home his second Golden Globe, 18 years later, for his acting skill in The Martian.

“It has literally been 18 years since I have been here, doing this, and with a little more context, I know how lucky I am and how lucky I am to do this for a living.”

Matt Damon won The Golden Globe for “Best Actor in a Comedy or a Musical.” There are people, however, who question if The Martian should be considered a comedy. When Matt was addressed regarding the genre of The Martian, he stated that it was indeed a musical and it was his singing that brought home this award, he was proud to say that he has been working on his singing for the last 18 years.

Matt Damon starring in The Martian
The category for the award was brought up when it was first nominated as Matt Damon made an appearance on Today with Riley Scott. When asked if he would have rather have seen the movie get nominated in a different category of award? Like, say, drama? Damon responded No. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “It’s certainly not up to us. There’s not really anything we can do about it.” Matt did however hint at The Martian being an musical.

“That’s right when they cut out the musical number. We had a big dance [number there]. Yeah.”

The Martian was star-filled but was truly carried by Damon. Matt stated that it was one of his reasons for doing the film: he has never done a film that he had to carry.

“It was one of the reasons why I wanted to do it — I had never tried to do anything by myself in that way. That was a fun challenge. There were all these monologues where Mark realizes he’s stranded on Mars — like, two-page speeches. We’d do it one take. We could just go. Ridley would come blasting on set and go, ‘Jesus, you and me could do two movies at once!'”

Matt Damon had stiff competition in his category, Steve Carell and Christian Bale for The Big Short, Al Pacino for Danny Collins, and Mark Ruffalo for Infinitely Polar Bear, but he was still able to come out on top.

Matt Damon at the Golden Globe
Matt Damon was happy to state how he felt about this movie and overall all the movies he has done in the past

“You work equally hard on every movie, and you love them all. You don’t know what the audience will think… but when something like this happens and people really respond to the movie, and critics really respond to the movie, and there is kind of that perfect storm of reactions, it’s great. It doesn’t make you feel any differently about the movie. I really do love them all… but I do not know that this is pretty rarefied air.”

Matt Damon is scheduled to start the filming of his next installment in the Jason Bourne series and will fly out in the morning to Las Vegas. The recent win might give Matt Damon the motivation to give a performance worthy of a third Golden Globe.

[Image by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images]