Porsha William’s Sister Lauren Defends Her, Says They Will Get Through Anything

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta showed Porsha Williams and her pregnant sister, Lauren, getting into a very heated argument over Lauren’s work. Porsha felt that Lauren, who works as her assistant, was slacking off as a result of her pregnancy. The argument got so bad that the two women were yelling at each other. Later on in the episode, Porsha was shown apologizing to Lauren. Has Lauren really forgiven Porsha for her outburst?

Lauren apparently expected Porsha to receive a lot of viewer criticism and felt the need to defend her. Prior to the episode’s airing on Sunday night, Lauren posted a photo of herself and Porsha hugging and laughing. Lauren wrote about how close she and Porsha are and how she’ll miss working for her. Lauren also said that she loves Porsha “beyond words” and that her unborn baby is blessed to have Porsha as an aunt. Lauren ended her message by stating that she and Porsha will get through “ANYTHING” that comes their way. Porsha shared Lauren’s message with her social media followers.

The latest episode showed Porsha, who has a hair extensions line and lingerie line, in addition to working as a host on Dish Nation, blowing up at Lauren upon learning that she’d missed receiving an important delivery because she was out of the office. A flashback scene showed Lauren, during a phone call, reminding Porsha that she’s pregnant and telling Porsha needs to be more hands on with her own businesses.

During their meeting, Porsha told Lauren that things had to change.

“Unfortunately, since you’ve been pregnant, I can’t really depend on you.”

Porsha told Lauren that she could not work from home as she wanted. Lauren snapped back.

“I’m going to work from wherever the hell I get my work done. I don’t have to be here!”

Porsha asked Lauren if she wants her job and if not, why she hasn’t found a job elsewhere. Lauren countered that Porsha has no one else that can run her businesses while not trying to take her money. Porsha yelled that she’s not concerned with whatever’s going on in Lauren’s stomach. Lauren yelled that she just needs a computer to do her work and complained that she has to fly coach when she travels with her. Presumably, Porsha flies business or first class. When Porsha yelled that she has paid her dues, Lauren complained about her pay. Porsha reminded Lauren that her pay is dependent on how well the businesses do.

Later, after a talk with co-star and friend Phaedra Parks made her realize the error of her ways, Porsha Williams dropped by her sister’s house with flowers. Porsha finally admitted that she was bothered that Lauren didn’t tell her about her pregnancy earlier. A previous episode showed Porsha learning about Lauren’s pregnancy when she found her throwing up in a bathroom. On that episode, Porsha, whose going away party for then-boyfriend Duke Williams was just about to start, didn’t seem very happy to learn that her younger sister was going to have a baby.

Lauren told Porsha that she didn’t mean to keep her pregnancy a secret but wasn’t sure of the reaction that she would get, since Porsha has wanted to have a child for so long but a pregnancy doesn’t seem to be in the cards for her now. During her marriage to Kordell Stewart, Porsha talked excitedly about having children. After her divorce, when she began dating Duke, Porsha joked to Phaedra that all she needed was for Duke to impregnate her. Unfortunately for Porsha, the relationship with Duke was short lived. Porsha insisted to Lauren that she’s happy with her life and is “fine” with the pregnancy.

As The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams tweeted that she’s glad that she and Lauren could work through their issues.


[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]