Masika Kalysha Responds After Fetty Wap Accuses Reality Star Of Getting Pregnant On Purpose

Masika Kalysha is pretty angry after Fetty Wap blasted her in an interview, claiming Kalysha seduced him and got pregnant on purpose. Fetty claims Masika knew he was going to be at a certain club and made sure she was there too. The rapper also claims that he took all precautions to avoid a pregnancy and that Masika must have worked her way around it. Masika shot back at Fetty, calling him a coward and condemning the way the rapper keeps trashing her in the media, according to Bossip.

If Masika really hooked up with Fetty Wap on purpose with visions of child support checks, that would make her a true trap queen. Masika says Fetty is lying though and even made some shocking claims of her own. Masika said that it was not her who intentionally got pregnant and hinted that Fetty wasn’t trying to use protection when they were together. It sounds like Masika and Fetty are both to blame for this pregnancy, whether it was intentional or not.

There has been a lot more drama for Masika Kalysha than just the nasty accusations Fetty Wap made about her in a recent interview with The Shade Room. Fetty even pondered out loud about why Masika didn’t just get an abortion as soon as she found out about the pregnancy. Soon after Masika went public with her baby news, another of Fetty Wap’s women also made a few baby claims. A woman named Elaynna Parker made an Instagram account and started tagging Masika and Fetty’s other rumored girlfriend Alexis Skye. Elaynna was reportedly taunting the women about her pregnancy and the not-so-shocking father, Fetty Wap.

It seems that Fetty has made quite a mess for himself because now he has two babies coming and they’re due right around the same time. Not to mention that Fetty Wap has a child already. The rapper seemed to be in denial when Masika first came forward with her baby news then finally Fetty admitted to having unprotected sex with the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star. It was after that admission that Fetty claimed Masika got pregnant on purpose, assumedly for the child support check the rapper would be able to provide.

Masika recently wrote a blog post about why she kept the pregnancy a secret for a full six months before letting the world know. Seeing the way Fetty Wap reacted to the baby news, it’s pretty easy to understand her reasons for keeping quiet. Not to mention the legions of Fetty fans who have been sending not-so-nice messages to Masika after Fetty claimed the kid wasn’t his.

“Ok so going through my comments and I see a lot of people want to know more about my pregnancy. As you probably know by now I’m about 7 months pregnant,” Kalysha confirmed for her fans before explaining the main reason for keeping quiet. “I choose to keep my pregnancy private for 6 months because well ITS MY PERSONAL BUSINESS. There’s actually several reasons why I kept it to myself, I’ll give you one. Ever since I made my announcement, the idiot corner (including petty wap) has been in their deepest of feelings running a muck all over the internet with their key board thuggery.”

Masika went on to claim that she was in a committed relationship with Fetty Wap when she got pregnant. She claimed that Fetty basically abandoned her when she got pregnant and demanded she terminate the pregnancy. When Kalysha refused, she says that’s when Fetty started this constant negativity. Will Fetty Wap’s tune change when his new baby is born? Or will Fetty have burned the bridge with Masika Kalysha so badly that Fetty won’t be in the baby’s life?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Life & Style Weekly]