WWE Rumors: Triple H And Roman Reigns Getting Backstage Heat For Disrespecting NXT

wwe rumors triple h roman reigns backstage heat nxt

Right now, NXT is one of the biggest things going for all of wrestling and no-one dares to think about it as the WWE minor leagues anymore. Still, some aren’t always happy with how it may be perceived, and lately, there has been some backstage heat due to the ways things are being presented on WWE television. Rumor has it, both Triple H and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns have backstage heat due to disrespecting NXT.

NXT finished off 2015 in a big way with their Takeover: London special that got rave reviews from around the world. Triple H appeared on the show, as he has been a huge reason that the “developmental” level of WWE has grown so well in the past few years.

Regardless, a lot of people had problems with him appearing on NXT Takeover: London considering he had just been “injured” by Roman Reigns at TLC. Storyline-wise, Reigns had injured Triple H to the point that he had to be stretchered out of the arena and taken to a hospital.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reported that some weren’t overly thrilled that right after this incredible “injury,” Triple H showed up at the NXT event in London. Making matters even worse was that he also posted footage of himself working out on Twitter just a few days later.

The following tweet was what got under the skin of a lot of fans, because he entirely broke kayfabe and acted as if the injury didn’t even exist.

WrestleZone reported that if anyone other than Triple H had broken kayfabe so seriously, they likely would have been in a lot of trouble with the man himself and WWE.

On the SmackDown that aired just days after TLC, Roman Reigns gave a promo regarding what went down between him and Triple H. He said that Triple H was “nowhere to be seen” since the Pay-Per-View, but that was not exactly true since Trips was in London for NXT Takeover: London.

Many backstage took the word “nowhere” to be quite disrespectful toward NXT, and said it was not scripted very well. This almost made it seem as if not only Roman Reigns, but the entire WWE main roster, paid no attention as to whatever was happening in NXT.

Looking at social media sites, like Triple H’s Instagram, that obviously isn’t true; but, that particular promo did come off very poorly for all of those who follow both promotions.

wwe rumors triple h roman reigns nxt backstage heat
Backstage Triple H, Roman Reigns, and the promo writers should have respected NXT by not ignoring the injury storyline. WWE has always made fans aware of NXT on the weekly television shows, and it shouldn’t seem like one promo is oblivious to the other.

According to The Wrestling Observer, there was no way that Triple H was going to miss appearing in person at NXT Takover: London. Considering it was an anticipated, sold-out show, and received so well around the world, he wasn’t going to miss out on taking his bow.

NXT is far from being seen as the minor leagues, or even really a developmental branch of WWE anymore. All fans need is for backstage to catch on and treat both promos with the same amount of respect. Triple H showing up at the PPV and being active on social media, while Roman Reigns called NXT “nowhere,” really made things look bad for the WWE main roster.

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