New Google Flights Tool Helps Fliers Find The Best Price & Maximize Miles

Google subtly added its newly updated Google Flights tool in February, without great fanfare or the typically aggressive marketing campaign that usually accompanies the launch of a new major flight-booking site, such as Expedia or Kayak, reported Still, the new search tool promises to help fliers maximize mileage earnings and locate the best price on flights.

"You can search flights within an entire country or continent, or even by alliance. You can also view your ticket's amenities, like Wi-Fi and in-seat power options, before you decide to book."
One of the recent changes makes it even easier to pick out the ideal flight and includes options to include preferred airline carriers while excluding others. In addition, Google Flights will show consumers which flights are sold by one airline, but operated by another, which is a service that not even Expedia or Kayak offered when it was first rolled out. In addition, Forbes called Google Flights the "fastest flight price search website" on the market."
Travelers can also view a wide range of fares, using a calendar feature that shows the lowest fare highlighted every day of the month. It even includes a bar graph below the calendar that shows price fluctuations resulting from holidays, seasons and other major events, Forbes reported.
"If you are not satisfied with the prices that are found, Google Flights will give you tips on how to find a better deal. For example, Google will show you how to save money by using a nearby airport or flexible date."
Google Flights can reportedly also help travelers plan vacations by suggesting popular destinations relevant to your starting point and dates, or you can search by region and Google will pull up a map showing all relevant destinations, prices of air travel and even a list of tourist attractions in the area at each location.

New Google Flights Tool Helps Fliers Find The Best Price & Maximize Miles
[Photo by Roman Pyshchyk /]According to, another great thing about Google Flights is that it is just as easy to use on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop computer. This makes it easy to check new flights, alerts and book tickets from virtually anywhere. Also, keep in mind that it's typically smart to save a variety of itineraries to monitor their prices before finally booking, instead of just jumping at the first deal that looks like a good one. By taking the time to compare flight prices and visiting your potential travel itineraries more than once, you will get a real feel for what constitutes the best deal.
"Google's advanced software creates reliable graphics of the prices for every single day around the time you travel. This will tell you whether changing your trip length or travel dates could yield cheaper fares."
Google also included its popular "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in the Google Flights search tool, which is a feature that will pick a random place based on the current most-visited destinations, price and – of course – your search history. In a blog post, Google Flights product manager Eric Zimmerman even revealed that research supports the idea that many would-be travelers have no definite destination in mind when they begin the search process for flights.
"Our research shows more than half of searchers don't know where they're going to travel when they sit down to plan. You can find good deals any day of the week – especially if you're flexible with your travel dates."
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