Perez Hilton Assault Video Surfaces on the Web (VIDEO)

In Kim’s post earlier, she told you about how Perez Hilton was attacked at a Toronto club. Well now we have video of Perez being assaulted.

Apparently Perez Hilton began getting mouthy with of the Black Eyed Peas and the scene erupted into chaos with both and the Peas manager, Polo Molina, going after the celebrity blogger. In the scuffle, Perez got punched in the eye and was bleeding. Polo Molina later turned himself in to Toronto police attacking Perez.

Well that assault and the moments leading up to it was recorder by a witness who was right there when it happened. Of course, when video like this is in demand, TMZ ends up with it.

Perez Hilton Assault Video

Here’s an extremely amateur and grainy video taken while Perez Hilton was being assaulted at a Toronto club after the MuchMusic video awards.

Raw Footage Of Perez Hilton Getting Snuffed In The Face