October 31, 2017
Ben Affleck's 'Suicide Squad' Cameo Will Have Batman Fighting -- Trailer Of Jared Leto's Joker The Spoiler?

Ben Affleck's Suicide Squad cameo is apparently going to be more than just a quick scene as Bruce Wayne or a Batman. As might be expected, Batman and Joker will be going at it, and director David Ayer confirmed that Affleck will be fighting someone in the Suicide Squad movie. While they did not drop any specific Suicide Squad spoilers, the trailer with Batman, Jared Leto's Joker, and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn give us a pretty good idea who Affleck ends up fighting.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a recent interview with Margot Robbie explained how she'll portray Harleen Quinzel in Suicide Squad, and it's likely to be "creepy, violent, crazy."

The 2016 DC Comics movies are setting a foundation for years to come since all the upcoming DC movies will refer back to the events that transpire during Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (release date of March 25, 2016) and Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016). In a fashion, Ben Affleck's Suicide Squad role will almost be a sequel for the character, since we'll get to see him after he wins/loses to Superman.

Henry Cavill claims that Superman knows he can put Batman in the ground, but Clark Kent side of the character puts restraints on his super powers. In describing the fight between Batman and Superman, Cavill compared the situation to a father playing football with young children.

"He can sure as hell take Batman out if he wants to, and Batman takes advantage of that," Cavill says, according to USA Today. "He's not going to go all-out against the kids because he'll end up smashing people around. It's the idea of still wanting to have fun but no one gets hurt, so you're being careful about where your knees and elbows are going. That's what Clark is for me, but Superman is far more relaxed. Superman is dad just being dad at home."

Batman Joker Suicide Squad Chase Scene
[Image via YouTube]Those are fighting words, but the description of Ben Affleck's Batman focused more on how the actor will portray human side of Bruce Wayne rather than how an armored Batman will pound Superman into the sand. As has been discussed in the past, Affleck confirmed he's playing an older version of the Dark Knight who is "a guy who had been through that experience already for many years and was kind of burnt out and asking himself what the point of it all was and going through an existential crisis."

While we don't get any more details about the big fight, director David Ayer did discuss how Ben Affleck's Suicide Squad cameo does involve fighting.

"We made (Affleck) fight," the director explained. "He's awesome (as Batman).... You really sense that but for the grace of God he himself would be doing some really foul stuff out in the world."

Who is Affleck fighting? The actor is "bound by nondisclosure clauses a mile long" but he's excited because the next DC Comics movie is "somehow related to me, and that was really exciting because it started to feel like a constellation of things, and I've never had that feeling." Although Affleck won't spill the beans, we do know that Batman ends up perched atop Joker's car at one point, so it would seem very likely that Batman and Joker will end up fighting at least a teensy bit. The question is whether Batman's role will be more limited in comparison to the previous versions of the story, since those alternate Batmans were involved in a major plot twist.

To a certain extent, having Batman fight in Suicide Squad only makes sense because both the comics and the animated version of the story feature Batman in a rather significant role. The movie version is likely to shake things up plot wise, since the Suicide Squad trailer has many scenes that never appear in any of the prior versions, so it it is possible Affleck's role will be more limited. But, at this point, all fans really want to know is who wins in Batman v Superman.

[Image via Jared Leto/Twitter]