‘American Horror Story’ Star Lady Gaga Says ‘Tonight Was One Of The Greatest Moments Of My Life’

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It seems Lady Gaga’s run of success and recognition hasn’t ended with the changing of the year, because American Horror Story‘s Countess Elizabeth has just been honored at the Golden Globe Awards. While this is not the first award committee to recognize the singer-turned-actress for her AHS: Hotel work, Lady Gaga appreciates the honor no less. In fact, she seems genuinely awed and humbled by the win, proving that the title “Lady” has been well-earned.

American Horror Story‘s Lady Gaga Takes Home A Golden Globe

For American Horror Story: Hotel fans, it might have seemed like a forgone conclusion that Lady Gaga would walk away with at least one award this season. The Golden Globe committee made that assumption come true, bestowing the award for Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie on Ms. Gaga. The actress known for playing Countess Elizabeth was up against some pretty stiff competition this year, facing off against Fargo‘s Kristen Dunst, Flesh & Bone‘s Sarah Hay, American Crime‘s Felicity Huffman, and Bessie‘s Queen Latifah.

“I feel like Cher in that John Patrick Shanley movie Moonstruck,” Gaga said, during her acceptance speech. “This is one of the greatest moments of my life.”

The “Bad Romance” singer said that she has always dreamed of being an actress, even before being a singer. Her musical career just happened to take off first, Gaga explained on stage. Contrary to what some fans may think, American Horror Story wasn’t Lady Gaga’s first role. Previous acting credits include Machete Kills, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and Men in Black 3.

Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Have A Paint Splattered Tryst For Peace

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got together to have sex for the cover of V Magazine‘s peace issue, with the magazine selling prints of the cover for $50 apiece. Proceeds are going to the Born This Way foundation.

“We made love on the canvas on a Sunday in Chicago,” Lady Gaga wrote in the issue of V Magazine. “We made love amidst chaos. We talked about shootings. We made love amidst terrorism. And we talked about how people’s hearts are also suffering all over the world as they watch and witness a swell of violence.”

Lady Gaga revealed that this was a couples dream come true for herself and Kinney. She recalled living in San Diego with Taylor, when the couple first shared their fantasy of making love on a canvas. For Ms. Gaga, the act of making love is a defiant act against war and violence, and making love for peace takes on much more meaning for the singer and actress.

Ms. Gaga also revealed that expressing the darker side of her creativity through American Horror Story has helped her gain clarity, and to get a better sense of what she wants to put out for public consumption. As a result, she says her next album release will deliver songs that are less wild and chaotic.

“I have a little less of an instinct to be reckless with my music now because I’m reckless in other places,” Gaga said, “So now I’m thinking more about what it is I want to say and what I want to leave on Earth. It’s less an expression of all my pain.”

There’s no word, yet, on whether or not Lady Gaga will be returning to American Horror Story. She has expressed an interest in appearing on Scream Queens; fans may get to see her jump from one Ryan Murphy series to the next, and back again.

The season finale of American Horror Story, “Be Our Guest,” will air on Wednesday, January 13 on FX.

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