‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Actor Falk Hentschel Discusses Hawkman, Suicide Squad Original Story, And Character Surprises

Hawkman and Hawkgirl in Legends Of Tomorrow trailer

Legends of Tomorrow is slated to be upon Arrow, The Flash, and DC Comics fans a like in less than two weeks from today. The Inquisitr reported about actor Arthur Darvill discussing his Legends of Tomorrow character, Rip Hunter, as his role is pivotal to what the DC Comics/CW show is about and the direction it is going. Legends of Tomorrow actor Falk Hentschel discussed his character’s contribution, according to Comicbook, though we already have seen Hawkman in Arrow and The Flash previously.

Hawkman actor Falk Hentschel may not be an immortal Egyptian warrior, but he apparently has some actually warrior-like background, as he has martial arts training and choreography training, that seems like it would help for a role such as this. Hentschel confirmed “Yeah. It definitely does.”

Hawkman Flashback Cw's Arrow

“Yeah. It definitely does. It definitely does. The martial arts, in general, of course, but, to be honest, even more so the dancing, and the choreography aspect of it, because all action, whether it’s fighting, or anything moving is very choreographed on film. It really helps to pick up beats. Especially on a TV show like this, you sometimes come on set, there’s no time, and you learn the choreography in the blocking. The stunt people will pull you aside for 10 minutes, and show you a 10 beat fight. You got to pick it up, so it’s been really, really helpful.”

As any good DC Comics fan knows, Hawkman has a pretty extensive background, what with being an immortal reincarnate and all. One might suggest that it would be tough being one of the only characters with so much back story and history to deal with, but Falk Hentschel actually really enjoys playing DC Comics’ Hawkman.

“To be honest with you, I love his back story. I think it’s just fascinating. I’m a thoroughly spiritual person in general, so, to play with that in every scene, and I’m hoping we’re going to do more of this facet of the character, is having gone through so many different life experiences, and having experienced so many different things that human beings experience, only that he can do it 206 times. I just like to look at everything he does, and go, ‘Well, how does he take this?’ He’s a bit relaxed and nonchalant about certain things, because, hey, what’s going to happen? I’ve died times. I’ve been through it all, and at the same time, there needs to be some frustration. With Kendra’s character, it’s not only his lover, but his only consistent friend that he sees again, and again. Everybody else dies. His kids have died. His family has died. His friends have died. I think he’s a really fascinating character, and I’m really hoping that they delve into that area of Hawkman a bit more, actually.”

Legends Of Tomorrow cast

This is all part of the synopsis and the background that fans know about Legends of Tomorrow, but this was not always the direction for the show. According to CW President Mark Pedowitz stated that they had a “darker, villians-driven” direction for the storyline, and he compared the former Legends of Tomorrow story to The Dirty Dozen. Though the signs pointed to this at the time, the Suicide Squad film likely helped change the direction, and the show’s producers came up with what is now the known plot.

Among some surprises coming to DC and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, the last Ra’s Al Ghul actor Matt Nable is set to return, and other versions of prior characters are slated to appear. Legends of Tomorrow will premiere January 21, 2016 at 8:00 pm.