Scott Disick Dumped By Lina Sandberg, Too Much Kardashian Drama The Reason?

Scott Disick is single again

Scott Disick has been recently linked to Lina Sandberg. This is his first relationship since Kourtney Kardashian ended their nine-year relationship a few months ago. Disick has been battling alcohol and substance abuse, and he attempted rehab back in October. He is claiming he understands what he needs to do in order to get his life back on track, but it seems like no one is buying it. Disick’s relationship with Sandberg was revealed last week, and came as a shock to many. He hasn’t been photographed with many women since the Kardashian split, and this relationship came out of left field.

While it was a new romance, it looks like it is already over. According to US Weekly, Scott Disick was dumped by Lina Sandberg. There was no drama between the two, but she decided to end things. The source is indicating they left one another on friendly terms. Now rumors about Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are heating back up. Speculation is that Sandberg couldn’t handle all the bad press Disick was receiving, and she didn’t want to tank her reputation by being tarnished by him. He isn’t one who always thinks things through and he has done a lot in his life that could have ruined someone. Kardashian stood by him, but Sandberg wasn’t going to chance it.

Now that Scott Disick is single once again, will he grovel at Kourtney Kardashian’s feet? In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Disick sat down and talked to the adult women involved and apologized for what happened between him and Kourtney. The break-up of their relationship was a direct result of Disick being photographed with his ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli while in France. The situation escalated quickly, and the relationship was ended. Even though Disick has promised to change and offered everything he could, Kardashian is not biting. When it was discovered he was dating Lina Sandberg, things became tit for tat between the two. Kardashian was rumored to be hooking up with Justin Bieber, and now it was Disick’s turn to get lucky.

Right now, Scott Disick is going to focus on family. According to E! Online, Disick moved closer to Kourtney Kardashian to work on being a better father. He knows he messed up and wants to remain an active part his kid’s lives. All of his partying caused him to miss moments in their lives, and Disick is no longer willing to sacrifice that. It is also being assumed that he will likely not date for a while. Women seem to be a trigger point for Disick, so flying solo for now is his best option. He can concentrate on living a sober life and being with his kids for the important milestones they will be hitting soon.

Lina Sandberg may have dumped Scott Disick for reasons no one even knows. There is chatter that suggests when the Kardashian sisters caught wind of the romance, they were less than thrilled. It makes sense because Disick really hurt their sister. Kourtney Kardashian has been raising their three children on her own for several months now full-time, though Disick wasn’t consistent with them even when they were together. Sandberg is a successful Swedish model, and she likely didn’t have time to deal with all the baggage Disick carries with him. And, why should she have to answer to the Kardashian sisters for dating Scott Disick? It was a lot of drama for something that was too new. While the real reason behind why Sandberg decided to call it quits with Scott Disick may never be revealed, it is probably in her best interest. Disick has a lot to handle on his own, and dating should be the last thing on his mind.

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